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  1. Even taking into account the number 1 overall and a third round, it still is not even close. The importance of Cam's position and his MVP status is in another universe than anything the Panthers have ever had. Saying any WR is a better pick is just silly. Cam has already been responsible for more wins in his career than 89 was his entire career.
  2. How is this even a discussion. The Panthers have a QB that was MVP of the entire league. For franchises, there is no better asset to have. Nothing even comes close.
  3. Ties?

    This may be another ban worthy quote.
  4. Ties?

  5. Good lord....

    Fox Sports lists their Superbowl Contenders. Panthers are #3. I guess that is fair. They list the 4-12 Cowboys as number 5 however.
  6. Kelvin Benjamin's OTA Debut

    This. People were talking about Garrett's size. Garrett isn't a big receiver by today's standards. KB is the real deal. The man would be a good sized tight end.
  7. Your Odd News For The Day

    Many states don't allow changing gender on a birth certificate. So someone who has fully transitioned, has a vagina, would be forced to use a men's room.
  8. Your Odd News For The Day

    ' It is almost as if republicans did this on purpose under the guise of a stupid "bathroom bill" so that really dumb people would never understand the real issue.
  9. Wednesday OTAs

    Tuesdays are media days.
  10. Should Dex be banned?

    I feel like I would enjoy this.
  11. Atlanta passed on Boykin. Boykin was not good enough for ATLANTA. Every bit of doubt you had about the Panthers cutting him should now be erased.
  12. Should Dex be banned?

    The season opener could be tomorrow night and yet this heinous offense would still be brought to the Huddle's attention. Have you no remorse?
  13. Should Dex be banned?

    Does the following quote disqualify you as a Huddler? Should Dex be banned?