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  1. you have made threads explaining why Carolina would lose and bumped them during the games to try and "remind" everyone you were "right" (when you were embarrassingly wrong)....fug your posts man, you are fairweather as they come...making undefeated threads after 'the ship has sailed on beating Seattle" seriously you're the worst type of fan and poster
  2. How Many Have Gone 10-0?

    Manning and the Colts went 12-0 at least once i remember, the Chargers beat them i believe   EDIT* The 2005 Colts went 14-0 and lost to the Chargers and the 2006 Colts went 10-0 and lost to the Cowboys ( and won the Superb Owl)
  3. FB Hoodie Promotion?

    depending on price, there are countless t-shirt sites and you could most likely make that yourself through one of them (its most likely what those sellers are doing)
  4. Last time we played the Titans

    My dad died on 11/11/11 and that was the first game played after he died...and it was that ass whipping...I won't forget it for that reason
  5. Our Color Rush Uniforms

    black numbers? because our blues have white numbers so if they are a slightly different color blue and have black numbers imma def. buy one
  6. Aaron Rodgers

    I agree he is a stat whore, but is that necessarily a bad thing for him? Think about it, what gets players into the HOF, stats and rings, he has a ring, so why wouldn't he do everything in his power to make sure his stats look good or better than most? Its not like hes throwing games or losing a lot, the dude is still in the playoffs mostly every year and wins at least 10 games a year (i know team sport, but you get what i mean)
  7. Norman: I would not bat the ball away

    I thought it was James Jones...Cobb made the big play on Bene
  8. what violence did he commit, because thug is a word that has a definition and for someone to be that they have to fit the definition...no belief involved... Thug is a violent criminal, so post links to Kaps criminal record so we can read the list of his violent offenses
  9. a thug is a violent criminal, and Kaep is obviously not a violent criminal.... http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/thug
  10. You left your poo online lol...