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  1. Playstation vue

    I had Vue for a little over a year and loved it. I only have TWC now because I moved in October of last year, and my complex combines cable with its rent. The interface was better than Sling, and I never had trouble getting Panther games (I was living in Charlotte). They also recently introduced a feature where you can watch two channels at once and toggle which one has sound, which was great for football. Also, they did not offer NBC in Charlotte when I had Vue, so if local channels are important to you, you should check to see what’s offered in your area. You also want to be sure your WiFi is strong enough to make it a seamless process. I actually hooked my PS4 up to an Ethernet cord instead of using WiFi just to be safe. Highly recommended, though. Very good service.
  2. I sat beside some redneck POS and his young son at the game yesterday. Both of them cheered against the Panthers the entire game. Halfway through, he informed me that he wasn’t a Bucs fan, and he didn’t actually dislike the Panthers, but “we just can’t cheer for our hometown team with Cam Newton as the quarterback, we just can’t support him y’know?” This lowlife spent the entire game trashing Cam, and right before the touchdown that won the game, I looked over and they were both gone. Vanished. fug that guy and everyone like him. Cam is not perfect, but he’s a genuinely good person and one hell of a football player. I’m proud to say he is the quarterback of my team.
  3. Good place to eat around the stadium??

    Co-sign on the comment above. The French Quarter is a great spot on game day. Gyro, burger, monte cristo, wings...all great. And now beer at 10am!
  4. Simmons Idea for Cam

    “All you journalists can stick it, brother!”
  5. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Because they make their babyfaces look like idiots and losers constantly. It's the same thing that happened to Bayley. What blew my mind is that they emphasized that Sasha, the babyface, has never defended her title successfully. And what did they do? Beat her clean in the middle, 1-2-3. Why would people cheer Sasha after that? Alexa said she was a loser and then went out there and proved it. Recall that Alexa said Bayley can't get "extreme" for their kendo stick match. What happened? She was right, Bayley looked like a dork, Alexa wins.
  6. Anyone have an analog music setup?

    Absolutely. I did this with Pink Floyd's "Animals" before it was officially re-released. I could've snagged one off of eBay, but the wait was worth the feeling I got when I thumbed through the stack at Repo and saw the flying pig album cover that had eluded me for so long.
  7. Anyone have an analog music setup?

    When I first started collecting, I definitely had the bug. I would go to the old Lunchbox location after work every payday and spend between $50-$100 on mostly new records for probably a year. Eventually I realized I had to reel it in. Now I go probably once every couple of months, and I try to keep every trip under $50. Slow and steady wins the race with vinyl collecting. The key to not going nuts in record stores for me is planning out exactly what I want to buy beforehand and not veering from the path. It's so easy to fall victim to the record store sirens that call out as you're heading down the aisle to the release you want. "I mean, what am I doing if I don't own the remastered OK Computer?" You just have to do your best to resist and add it to the list for the next trip. It also depends on whether you're wanting to collect new releases from current bands or classics. I have a healthy mix of both, but if you're more inclined to collect classic records then you can definitely save money on used ones. I would recommend Repo Records for used and Lunchbox for new. Amazon is another great option, especially price-wise, but the experience of shopping in the record store is a big part of the hobby for me.
  8. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Agreed, either Bayley worked me or that was a legit shoulder injury. I haven't seen anything today about an injury, so hopefully that's a good sign.
  9. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    The third hour of RAW was awful. Once the main event went on at the top of the 10pm hour, the crowd almost completely checked out. I like Bayley and I think Nia has potential, but there was zero heat and crowd reaction in their match. They must really think that having killed Bayley for about two months straight would get her over as even more of an underdog. It's not working, and the crowd is getting more and more mild. Someone in attendance said there was even a dueling "Let's Go Bayley" / "Bayley Sucks" chant, although I didn't hear it on TV. Also, that Cass/Show match and angle...ugh. Heel Cass gets one over on face Big show, so face Enzo attacks him from behind like a coward and then gets killed (again). Afterward, Show lays out Cass and Show/Enzo walk out together. This makes zero sense and gets no one over. On a positive note, Heyman cut another tremendous promo that actually had something of substance behind it (Brock leaving WWE possibly), and Ambrose seems to be refreshed with this Seth Rollins angle. Dean has been doing some great promo work. Their presumed match with Sheamus/Cesaro at Summerslam should be good, and the crowd will love a Shield reunion/tag team champs run.
  10. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Going to NXT and/or Summerslam?
  11. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Has anyone been keeping up with the G-1 Climax tournament? I haven't watched any of it so far, but I'm planning to watch as much as I can tonight and tomorrow morning. It's staggering how many ****+ matches have come out of it in only two weeks or so.
  12. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    At least we don't have Stephanie's music opening the show right now (sorry for the jinx). The opening segment this past week was pretty damn good, I thought. All promos related to the big hoss 4-way have delivered. Plus we got to see Strowman launch that security guard/Indy wrestler into another dimension.
  13. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    They absolutely buried her. Bayley was booed by a large segment of the crowd last night. BAYLEY. The one character that (should be) so organically over and loveable that you'd almost literally have to TRY to get the crowd to turn on her. I'm dumbfounded. Honestly, though, they have made her look like an absolute dork for a solid month straight. It's on the writers/booking committee completely. The show was saved by a great main event with a surprising finish. Brock/Joe is obviously a dream match-up and could be a great match. I do kind of wish they weren't just booking it as a one-off since (presumably) Brock is going to work with Strowman at Summerslam, but I'm happy that we're getting it at all.
  14. Anyone have an analog music setup?

    The one I go to is on Commonwealth Ave near the Briar Creek intersection. Antiseen actually played a live show there on Record Store Day last month. I bet the record store scene is strong up there. One of my best friends lives in Brooklyn...I might add that to the itinerary next time I visit.