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  1. Lomez added a post in a topic Hornets Forum Revival...   

    Guess I'll have to look elsewhere for my "lolol fug this team" fix.
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  2. Lomez added a post in a topic GDT: Hornets @ Pacers   

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  3. Lomez added a post in a topic Your teams expectations come March   

    Catamounts making the tournament this year. Look out, blue bloods!
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  4. Lomez added a post in a topic Lance Is Already Gone Mentally...   

    Remember that segment on the ESPYs? And that was right after he signed with us. Oh, the hype. And I bought in so hard. As others have said, I feel sorry for anyone who picked up this dude's jersey. It's mind-boggling how much he just didn't fit here.
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  5. Lomez added a post in a topic Hotels Around TWC Arena   

    The Holiday Inn on the corner near to Fitzgerald's is great, too. My folks stay there whenever they come down to visit.
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