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  1. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    In case you missed Daniel Bryan's retirement: http://screengrabber.deadspin.com/maybe-my-brain-wasnt-as-ok-as-i-thought-it-was-danie-1757976315 Good article with all the video and such. Very emotional night. As I told a friend yesterday, my biggest regret as a pro wrasslin' fan is missing out on the peak of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan's respective careers.
  2. Residents of the Winston-Salem area

    FWIW, I grew up in Kernersville and can at least say that it's a great place to raise a family, if that's on your radar now, too. 
  3. This wasn't a version of Cam. Like he said in his press conference, this is who he's always been. We just finally got to see what it's like when he's winning. So, if we go 15-1 next season, you'll see plenty of smiling, dancing, and defiance, because it's just who he is. Except the dab. The dab is dead.
  4. After that play, I said to my dad "if that jerk gets to hoist a Lombardi after doing that, there's no justice in the world." A little melodramatic, but...welp...
  5. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Couldn't find any Lana Panther photos, but I did stumble across this: Too bad her old man relinquished his fan card in 2013.  
  6. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    And yeah, Ambrose is gonna get his licks in, but will fall victim to a spear after Lesnar is taken out. I am interested in who he'll match up with at Wrestlemania, though. He and Styles would have some entertaining matches.
  7. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

      Lana going full heel over here.  
  8. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    The NXT Takeover: Dallas card could very well steal Wrestlemania weekend. The card is ridiculous so far, including:     In other news, the booking for the main event for the next WWE PPV is way too predictable. Reigns wins after Wyatt family interference costs Lesnar, setting up their respective Wrestlemania matches. I liked the Rumble PPV overall, but the way they treated Reigns in the match and the build to this Fastlane triple threat match has been so weak.
  9. Some reporter tried to entice Cam into talking about race again. When Cam politely declined and said this game is about more than race, the reporter challenged him again and implored him to "back up" his previous statements about being an African-American quarterback. Cam responded by saying he doesn't have to do anything of the sort, clearly annoyed. The reporter went to the well once again, saying that Cam had to address the "issue" he created. Cam said "it's not an issue for anyone else. It's an issue for you," and then looked away, moving on to the next question. He handled it with poise, and the attempt to ruffle feathers proved futile and lame.
  10. Wow Josh Norman and Deion have heat

    The portion that I watched included Josh telling Sanders that he was unhappy that Deion said he was proud of Odell like he was his son, especially since Odell targeted Josh's head. This was in response to Deion saying that he tried to make amends between the two players and questioned why Josh didn't respond to the BS conference call or whatever. Deion then backtracked and insisted that he was proud of both of them for how they handled the situation, which sounded totally disingenuous. Josh also had a look on his face like he was about to go off, but classed it up by saying Deion was the best who's ever done it and gave respect.
  11. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    It's also being shown live on ESPN 2. 
  12.   Rich Eisen just RKO'd anyone who questioned whether Cam has a comparison. Outstanding.