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  2. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    In other news we have signed Iron Mike Tyson as a back up line backer!
  3. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    you would be surprised at how much the chance to win a superbowl will modify behavior!
  4. The sad irony in all this, is that Plorin Lady was trying to excommunicate Cam for dancing, she actually turned him into a cult hero. A lot of these athletes are doing this in support of Cam, others are doing this because Cam made it cool to do and are copying. Even when our enemies do it, they are modeling Cam's behavior, which means he is already in their heads. WIN-WIN-WIN
  5. Norman's Trash Talking

    Anybody notice the three panthers streaking down the sideline in white, I thought players couldn't go past the 30.
  6. She can take my virginity anytime, and if she says I don't have enough virginity, I will buy some more!
  7. I always thought Lane Kiffin was an @hole

    Even Knox would have rather have Cam than the current Alabama QB. Whatever his name is...
  8. Beat us on special teams! Run back a kickoff, block a fg, miss an extra point, block a punt.
  9.   Saw this on same website
  10. Aren't both Cam and Brady under contract with Under Armor
  11. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    Chip Kelly needs a Player like Cam without him his offense will never reach its full potential.
  12. Notes and Memos - Cowboys

    Dear Cowboys, If our defense is going to score 17 points, and your offense is going to score 14 points, its going to be a long day for you. Love G. Gano  P.s. I had 15 points by myself
  13. Notes and Memos - Cowboys

    The Cowboys are who we thought they were! Dennis Green Voice!
  14. 11-0 Pie

    Sexy Pie!