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  1. This is crazy

    So Coldplay it is!
  2. This is crazy

    Look at the guard on the right side of the line, he starts sliding later on. So did they ever change cleats or do I still blame the loss on Coldplay!
  3. God Damn theirs a lot of pent up Cam hate

    We gained more yards and first down in the game. Cam outperformed peyton manning. On a side note, if Cam hates losing this much. Prepare yourselves for 10 Straight undefeated seasons and 10 Superbowls.
  4. Still here, still a believer, still pounding

    Keep Pounding!
  5. Denver Sports Radio/Cam PR Person

    Actually that is exactly how I would tell him to answer the question!
  6. I was listening to Denver sports radio this week trying to get their outlook on the game and the announcers were great in providing multiple laff tracks about the Denver Defense, while completely ignoring Denver's offense. But in a change of pace he brought up Cam's demeanorduring the myriadmedia sessions and said that Cam looked uncomfortable and bored. To which I kinda agreed, except for Snoop; he kinda seemed disengaged. He said that for what Cam gets paid in salary and endorsements, he should feel grateful to answer these repetitive questions. Any of us regular people would be glad to for that kind of money ($20M) I am not here to bash Cam, I am here to bash the Media guy who stood just off camera who I saw after/during every Cam interview.WTFare you doing! Was your media strategy, just answer all questions. Bump that, Cam is about to become the face of the NFL, and possibly sports worldwide. people are dabbing in soccer games, while we speak, Just like a Super Bowl half-time performer, Cam's brand could be exposed to millions, perhaps billions of people around the world. Tell Cam to own these interviews. Talk about his relationship with Braylon, with his coaches and teammates, his family, his God,his clothing line with Belk, his first UA commercial with Tom Brady. I wanna see more product placements than in a Jackie Chan starring Peyton Manningmovie. He doesn't have to answer the questions. Bellichek never answers questions, he hashis own agenda. So do your job, give him some good advice, because win or lose, he is going to be asked even more questions. If you do your job right the next time Cam goes to the Superbowl, he might be bringing in ($40M)!
  7. Viewing The Game If Power Goes Out

    go to a local waffle house, FEMA uses Waffle House to indicate how bad a storm is. If WH is closed, there is no power
  8. Cam's pregame cleats tomorrow

    What happens to all of these cleats? Do they end up in a closet somewhere or do they go to UA hq, or charity ?
  9. Sunday Giveaway has a prop bet

    Insert clip of Gene Wilder saying, "He gets nothing" from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory.
  10. Colbert is from S Carolina
  11. Panthers 8 OffensiveTD's & 2 Defensive TD's, 3/3 FG's Broncos 3 TD's, 7/7 FG's The Broncos are averaging 1.5 td's per game
  12. How Thomas Davis is protecting his arm

    What its not made out of carbon fiber?
  13. Shhhh, don't tell anybody but I took off from work today to do Panthers research! Starting with the broncos and panthers team stat sites, was looking for things that caught my attention. Panthers 6 Interceptions, Sacks 8,2 Fumble recoveries +8 t/o Ratio Broncos 2 Interceptions, Sacks 7,2 Fumble recoveries+2 t/o Ratio Panthers Cam is avg 70% completions with a 9.9 avg per attempt,Long completion(s) 86, 54, 39 Broncos Peyton is avg 55% completions with at 5.8 avg per attempt,Long completion(s) 34, 31 Panthers 2nd leading rusher Cam, 50 yards 2 Tds. 7 people listed! 5 td's for the group. Broncos 3rd leading rusher for the Broncos Peyton Manning with 10 total yards. There were only 3 listed! only 1 rushing td in postseason. Panthers 496 Passing yards, 1 Receiver(s) & 1TE over 100+ yards, 3 with over 15 yards avg reception, 2 Receiver td's, 1 TE td. Broncos 398 Passing yards, Sanders 147 yards, only Bronco over 100 yards. 0 Bronco receiver td's, 2 TE td's Panthers 16/29 Third Down Conversions, 55% Broncos 9/32 Third Down Conversions, 28% Panthers 8 OffensiveTD's & 2 Defensive TD's, 3/3 FG's Broncos 3 TD's, 7/7 FG's Looking at the team schedules Panthers only two times all season did the Panthers score less than Denver's season avg. of 22.2 Broncos only two times all season did the Broncos score more than 30 points. Panthers Secret ingredient - Gettleman assists staff with playoff planning Broncos Secret ingredient -Seek out prostitutes to revitalize energy!
  14. Cecil, "Cam is only scratching the surface"

    So we should prepare ourselves for a 7-10 touchdown game from Cam!