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  1. thanks, he's pretty awesome....spoiled rotten but still pretty awesome

  2. Love your dog!

  3. ....well thanks, I was being serious. I think one of the things that happen on message boards, for those that really have friends outside the web, is they get a "neighbor" feeling about folks they post with. I can assure I say things to my female neighbor that I would "never" say to anyone in cyber. She knows it's all in fun(and a little adult beveage induced). I think on boards that line gets blurred

  4. wow thank you! I am absolutely flattered and actually blushing a little bit! you are sweet. nice to hear you enjoy reading my responses :)

  5. glad to see you're still posting. I don't post a lot due to the "ABC" police and those sport'n the grammer hammer. anyways, your posts and responses are enjoyable and worth reading(and laughing at)! don't let the "mental giants" run you off. Most of 'em are 16 yr olds. You are a breath of fresh air to this board. peace out, Bruce

  6. Why thank you, he's a pretty good dog as well, he's the "Bruce" in the family

  7. I've got a boxer too, great dogs i love em.

  8. I've got two myself. Great dogs.

  9. Thanks, that is the only "male" kid I have.