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  1. rather have a TD than pleasing a frustrated player !!
  2. CardiacCat


    ...... couldn't agree more, but there are quite a few Dallas fans around here .........
  3. How dare you to be a "positive voice" here on the Huddle..... Don't you realize that the only worthy posts on this forum are those that are of the "doom and gloom" type. How dare you to state that a win over America's Team and a 1-0 record to start of the season should be seen as a good start of the season..... How dare you !!
  4. CardiacCat

    Cam completed 65% and we won

    Well said..... 1-0
  5. CardiacCat


    couldn't care less...... bye bye
  6. CardiacCat


    Battlefield1942..... was slightly addicted..... couldn't fly a plane or a chopper, but tried anyways. Played Counterstrike for a while and still love the original version. Too old to start something else...
  7. Lebron is a great player but big cry baby..... (on and off the floor)
  8. CardiacCat

    Pulling for the Bengals until......

    Yes, things happen fast.... YET, some make the right and some make the wrong decisions !! Burfict is a POS, period...
  9. Great stuff as always !! THANKS
  10. Great stuff, Jeremy. Shared on FB. What a season !!
  11. 10 -12- 14... oh what am I saying, I love them all !!!!
  12. ffing YES.... what a game !!! I dont ffing care whether the media focus on the Seawhos implosion.... we WON and I feel good !!!!