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  1. Lebron is a great player but big cry baby..... (on and off the floor)
  2. Loser mentality ... do you really consider yourself a fan?
  3. CardiacCat

    DUPLICATE my bad

    ..... just stop it and wait till the end of summer. Are we really going to this for the next 3-4 months? *sigh*
  4. CardiacCat

    DJ Moore Highlights Video

    And Steve Smith is 5'9...... did not seem to be an issue for him
  5. CardiacCat

    Who the Hell is Mel Kiper?

    Yeah...... what a find !!
  6. There is no "point" to this forum...... Did it really take you more than 13000 posts to realize this?
  7. CardiacCat

    Latest updates on the team sale

    I will repost my "thoughts" about options for the new Carolina Panthers stadium here in Charleston.... (conveniently located between my house and place of work)
  8. CardiacCat

    Pulling for the Bengals until......

    Yes, things happen fast.... YET, some make the right and some make the wrong decisions !! Burfict is a POS, period...
  9. Great stuff as always !! THANKS
  10. Great stuff, Jeremy. Shared on FB. What a season !!
  11. 10 -12- 14... oh what am I saying, I love them all !!!!
  12. ffing YES.... what a game !!! I dont ffing care whether the media focus on the Seawhos implosion.... we WON and I feel good !!!!