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  1. There is no "point" to this forum...... Did it really take you more than 13000 posts to realize this?
  2. Latest updates on the team sale

    I will repost my "thoughts" about options for the new Carolina Panthers stadium here in Charleston.... (conveniently located between my house and place of work)
  3. What is the "lie"? his FG percentage? him being the #1 point scoring player? the fact that I assigned the quote to Forrest Gump? Please explain.... on second thought, just don't....
  4. 2017: FG 96.7% ..... #1 in scoring (121 pts) ...in Forrest Gump's words: "that is all I have to say about that..."
  5. I'd watch this...

    Yep.... he tried as well..
  6. Instead of Watching the SB....

    I really wanted the Jaqs to win.... but you have to give it to #12 and his squad.... #nohate
  7. dilly fugging dilly !!!!
  8. He has 7 posts (as I am writing this).... it's ok, his mother just told him to finish his plate and go to bed, he won't trouble you any longer
  9. Here is an alternative....... how about Charleston, SC. We have a few nice spots that are just perfect for a new stadium (and plenty of parking)
  10. How I Felt After the Game

    gave you your first pie ..... welcome !! And I agree with you... still excited, yes disappointed, but still excited !! KEEP POUNDING !!
  11. It’s Coachs Birthday

    My B-day as well !! Some kind of omen... (not sure what kind)