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  1. Hate to say it but.......

    Biggest play of the game was fumble sack TD for Denver at the beginning. Put us down double digits early, and stunned us. After that they pinned back and rushed those edge rushers the rest of the game because Shula went back to the old Shula. No designed runs for Cam, no screens to help soften those rushers keeping them on their toes.
  2. Senior Bowl

    I think Nassib will carry it well.  He's just filling into his body.  Guy came in as a 210 pound Walkon.  He's shown some good power driving back OT's on bullrushes.     Some reason I was thinking Remmers contract was up this season.  We should be able to resign him easily.  D Williams should be our RT of the future.  I don't think Remmers is good enough to be a starter Center.  We could pickup Martin to sit under Kalil for atleast a year then most likely Kalil would retire.  Remmers could be good for depth as backup at OT and Center.   dream scenario for me would be  1st Nassib 2nd trade up for a DT that fell out of the 1st 3rd trade up for Martin. keep those trenches locked up, that's where you win games.
  3. Senior Bowl

    Observations so far   Oakman's stock is dropping like a rock.  Don't see him going higher than the 3rd right now.   Carl Nassib has been beating OT's consistently.  Lined up on the inside a few times.  Still want this kid in the first where we're at and hold onto Allen and cut CJ to help mentor him.  Still getting better, was way undersized until this past year.   DT's are Suuuuuper DEEP.  Need to get one in the 1st or move up in the second similar to the Finchess and get a first round grade DT.   Braxton Miller is really showing off.  If someway he makes it out of the 2nd. Would consider wanting to trade up for him.  Same with Shepherd.     Nick Martin is another guy I want to keep my eye on.  Think would be a nice pickup to groom for a year under Kalil 
  4. Wish could find one of TD's onside kick recovery!
  5. Respect from the media? Say it ain't so...

    All the talking heads on tv havnt.  It's was a consensus on first take this morning that we just got lucky that Seattle didn't wake up until late.  Zero credit to the panthers. NFL live showed highlights of the game then went right into talking about the panthers weaknesses and pretty much how we got lucky.  NFL network talked about the turf, the early wake up for them and how we got lucky.  Think I've only heard 1-2 people all day actually give the panthers credit for winning this game vs Seattle losing it.
  6. Defensive game plan for Arz WR's

    It's no scarier than Lockett.  Lockett has been more of a threat across the league this season.  Way quicker and just as fast.
  7. Defensive game plan for Arz WR's

    Was Waaay more scared of Seattle than them.  Outside of Fitzgerald, Seattle's WR core is Much better than Arizonas.  That Lockett, Baldwin, Kearse, L Willson group is the reason for that late season storming the Seahawks had.  With Norman shadowing Fitz, the rest of that group does not scare me at all.   We just need to continue to bring pressure .  Cardinals OL is no better than the Seahawks and Palmer is no where near as mobile as Wilson.
  8. Actually Jerry should be down there even though he can't pound the drum.  Along with KB, Peanut, Allen, Bene etc who have been aprt of this journey (outside of KB) and let Coach Beme pound the drum!
  9. JR couldn't do it, But best case scenario is him being down there and handing the drum mallet to KB and Braylon Beam to pound the drum.
  10. Thank God we have Comcast.  Sitting at work on ready response flight duty, hopefully no stupid boater goes out like in a idiot in this weather and makes me miss the game looking for him.
  11. Wish it was Braylon and KB
  12. Early Mock

    1. Titans: Laremy Tunsil-Mariota took a beating last year.  Not going to let this continue to happen to the guy they are trying to build the franchise around 2. Browns: (TRADE SF)-  Browns are a dumpster fire right now.  They need a QB (expect Johnny boy to be shipped to Jerry World this year) but need a Ton of other things too.  SF new coach will want his new QB (unless Kelly arrives, this trade won't happen as Kelly will love Kaep)   SF: Jared Goff- SF would love no other than to start the rebuild around the hometown kid in Goff. 3. Chargers: Joey Bosa- Need some help on D so will go with Bosa who many felt was the top player overall 4. (TRADE) Ravens: Jalen Ramsey-  Baltimore is still looking for that replacement for Ed Reed.  They need help at DB, especially considering they face Brown and Green twice each.  Jags need DB's bad too but the Ravens need them worse.  Swapping with the Cowboys here to secure Ramsey 5. Jaguars: Mackensie Alexander- Alexander is shooting the boards.  With Ramsey gone and Jags needing help at CB, Alexander is the choice here. 6. Cowboys:  Robert Nkemdiche- Picking up Johnny Football from the browns will eliminate them from considering Lynch.  Jerry does not care about off the field issues.  He needs some help on D so of course he goes with the guy who some had as one of the most talented prospects in this class Nkemdiche. 7. Browns:  Laquon Treadwell- Lynch still on the board.  Browns feel they can get better value with the option of getting a guy in the 2nd like the Raiders and Vikings did with Carr and Bridgewater.  Treadwell is a Solid replacement for Gordon and will give the new QB a top goto to grow with. 8.  Dolphins: Myles Jack-  The Phins need to protect their QB, the guy is taking a beating.  They have invested a good amount in the OL even as bad as they've been.  They need help at many spots on D too.  They go with Jack here fill a big hole. 9. Bucs:  Ronnie Stanley-  They could go DL here, but investing on protecting their franchise player is the most important thing.  The kid they drafted in the 2nd last year will be better at RT and is not suited for LT.  Stanley would be a Real good pickup for Winston and the Bucs, giving him 2 young talented guys protecting both sides for him. 10. Giants:  Emmanuel Ogbah-  New coach but think the GM will hire within and stick with giants style football.  Buckner will be higher on some boards but Ogbah will fit them much better. 11. Bears:  DeForest Buckner- perfect 3-4 DE.  Bears need help on D and will jump up and Grab him.   12. Saints: A'Shawn Robinson-  Need major help on D and will start up front. 13. Eagles:  Paxton Lynch- Again, new Coach wants his new QB. 14. Raiders: Vernon Hargreaves 15. Rams:  Michael Thomas 16. Lions: Reggie Ragland-  Need help on D, and gets it. 17.  Falcons: Jayron Kearse 18. Colts: Taylor Decker-  Have too keep their face of the franchise upright and healthy.  Took a beating this year before ending with a Lacerated Kidney 19. Bills: Shaq Lawson 20. Jets: Connor Cook 21. Redskins: Kendall Fuller 22. Texans: Ezekial Elliot 23. Steelers: Su'a Crevais 24. Seahawks: Jack Conklin 25. Packers: Jarran Reed 26. Chiefs: Jonathon Allen 27. Vikings: Vadal Alexander 28. Bengals: Corey Coleman 29. Cardinals: Jaylon Smith 30. Broncos: Shonen Coleman 31. Panthers: (TRADE)  Texans:  Christian Hackenberg-  O'brian wants his QB real bad, and know the Browns will jump on him.  Panthers have most everyone under contract next year,  though not all will be retained.  Will go ahead and stack up for when we do start having key players cantracts expiring.  Panthers pick up 2016 2nd and 3rd plus 2017 1st.   2nd round   1. Titans: Derrick Henry 2. Browns: Jonathon Bullard- Houston jumped up and grabbed the last top tier QB.  Browns still have a ton of holes.  Browns run a 3-4 (for now pending new coach) Bullard is a real good potential DE in the 3-4. 3. Dallas: Andrew Billings- Athletic Freak from up the road.  Sets them up with a Real strong front 4 of Gregory, Billings,Nkemdiche, Hardy 4. LA Chargers: Kenny Clark- Bolts find their new Nose tackle in their new backyard. 5. Baltimore: Leonard Floyd- looking for that new pass rusher 6. Browns (via SF): Trade:  Carolina: Carl Nassib- with the acquired pick from Houston, Gettleman sees one of the last top tier DE's sitting and knows he won't make it past Tampa. 7. Miami: Cody Whitehair 8. Jacksonville: Tre'devious White 9. Giants: Jason Springs 10. Chicago: Eli Apple 11.  Tampa: Shaq Calhoun 12. Rams: Ryan Kelly 13. Raiders: Germain Ifedei 14. Rams: Josh Doctson  15. Detroit: Austin Johnson 16. Saints: William Jackson 17. Colts: Landon Turner 18. Bills: Jeremy Cash 19. Falcons: Shawn Oakman  20. Jets: Noah Spence 21. Browns: Joshua Perry- Mingo has pretty much ended up a bust.  Perry a local kid and good locker room guy is a Good prospect for 3-4 OL 22. Redskins: Tyler Boyd 23. Seattle: Adolphus  Washington  24. Greenbay: Jerald Hawkins- Rogers took a beating this year  25. Steelers: Spencer Drago 26. Vikings: William Fuller 27. KC: Kentrell Brothers  28. NE: Will Redmond 29. Bengals: Jordan Jenkins  30. Cardinals:  Aziz Shittu  31. Broncos: Joshua Garnett  32. Carolina: Hunter Henry       
  13. TD Surprises Christmas Shoppers

    Love this dude.  Just the passion he plays with on the field in addition to what he's overcome. And all the stuff he does off the field (NFL man of the year last year and I believe one of the runners up year prior) Easily my favorite defensive player to suite up in a panthers uniform and one of my all-time favorite players.  
  14. Jaws is an idiot.

    NFL will ban the drum on the field as it will scare and make their $uperstar Beckham feel threatened