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  1. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Something similar happened to me when I was in my 20s. Went up to App St. to visit friends and we partied and played drinking games till late. Woke up the next morning hungover and drove home. It was raining on the way back and a fish tailed and ran into another car. Cop came and had me go into his cruiser and told me I smelled like alcohol so he asked if I would take a breathalyzer exam. I was under .08 so wasn't charged. I'm am certain this is what happened to Shaq. Was probably enjoying the night out, went to bed and woke up hungover next morning. Maybe he dozed briefly while driving home and that's when the accident happened...
  2. Carolina Panthers will target offense in round one

    Any thoughts about these comments about D Henry? 4/2/16: At the combine, Henry declined to run the 40-yard dash, plus had a poor showing in the field drills. Teams also weren't blown away in his interviews. Still, this is a weak tight end class and Henry remains the favorite to be the first selected. Read more at
  3. Official NFL Free Agency Thread

    Falcons sign WR Mohamed Sanu (5 years, $32.5M; $14M guaranteed): LAUGHING TOO HARD TO CONCENTRATE ON KIELBASA INSERTION Grade Whoever was responsible for this signing needs to be thrown in prison for stupidity. It's that horrible. In fact, it's so terrible that even Matt Millen, who was notorious for overpaying pedestrian receivers, must be laughing at it. The Falcons should apologize to him for spoiling the mood. I don't get the thought process behind this. Sure, the Falcons needed a new No. 2 receiver, but that doesn't mean that they should've thrown $32.5 million at a terrible player. And Sanu is terrible for sure. Sanu caught just 33 balls in 2015, and in the year before, when he was utilized more in the wake of numerous injuries, he led the league in dropped passes, all while struggling to separate. He logged 56 catches for 790 yards. A realistic contract for Sanu should've been a 2-year, $5 million deal with about $1.5 million guaranteed. And that's being generous. It's quite apparent that the Falcons haven't watched any tape of Sanu. Either that, or they're intentionally trying to ruin Millen's afternoon.
  4. Official NFL Free Agency Thread

    Saints sign TE Coby Fleener (5 years, $36 million): KIELBASA SLIPS THROUGH THE FINGERS MILLEN Grade I wonder how it feels to be a Colts fan right now. On one hand, they must be very depressed that they still have the incompetent Ryan Grigson running things. On the other hand, they have to be cracking up upon seeing the numbers Coby Fleener received from the Saints.This signing is horrible. Aside from perhaps Vernon Davis, no tight end drops more passes than Coby Fleener. I'm sure he'll post some great numbers with Drew Brees throwing the ball to him, but he'll absolutely kill his new team with some untimely drops. Then again, maybe he won't be a fantasy monster, given that he couldn't produce with Andrew Luck, even when Dwayne Allen was out of the lineup with his injury issues. This is an easy Millen. I don't understand what the Saints saw in him to make them believe that he's worth more than $7 million per year. Fleener, an average starter at best, would've been overpaid had he gotten half as much. Read more at
  5. Official NFL Free Agency Thread

    If you are a Broncos fan I'd think you'd be freaking out. Your team is being dismantled!!
  6. I had to post this. The commentary was funny and some of the pics are classic. Love the way Romo dabs... Enjoy!
  7. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    I love this signing. Bring 'em on in and let them compete. To call Martin a wuss when Incognito was a complete psychopath and had the entire O line against him is BS. Knock it off....
  8. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    I was thinking about this game is here's how we can win - turn Cam loose. Eff it let Cam run. Forget about him being a pocket passer - we know that he can't go through his progressions and throw with his feet set. So let's go back to what he was good at - running around and making plays. You guys agree?
  9. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    I'm pulling for the Panthers however my expectations (as is everyone else's) is very low. I fully expect to lose and perhaps lose in a big way. What will most likely happen is well make it close and then blow it somehow towards the end thus sealing Rivera's fate...
  10. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    And that's how losing teams find ways to lose.
  11. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    This is such a statement game for Rivera. His team is playing hard. We have them on the ropes. Let's knock them out!!
  12. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    Seahawks starting to move the ball. Our O has to do better and keep our D off the field!
  13. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    So much for Garry Williams. Looks to be holding left knee.