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  1. Kyler and Rusty never got hurt due to hits, just from running. It’s Hard to hit a mouse dead square when you’re 6’6” and they’re 5’6”
  2. His tendency to shred zone coverages like John Stockton in his prime.. good luck with that
  3. Bryce has a hard time pulling the trigger on a 70/30 pass let alone a 50/50. Makes very little sense unless Legette is going to be the slant boy and not Moss.
  4. Qb’s are overvalued like rb’s have become. Only a handful are worth breaking the bank for, we saw Flacco come in from a temp agency and carve it up because of a great OL and Copper/Njoku. With defenses going smaller and faster, a good OL will completely wall off the qb and create mountain pass rb lanes.
  5. We’ll see if the roots-in-Christ-born-again evangelical-neo-Joe-Gibbs method works in today’s NFL but it didn’t work for Frank Reich
  6. Bryce made some good throws for sure. But it was the sheer amount of head-scratching horrific Tony-Romo-playoffs throws that get us down. I did not watch many Texans games so I can’t compare to CJ but Bryce may be the worst screen pass qb I have ever seen
  7. He’s the qb whisperer, however as lucky as it may be that those qb’s walked into stacked WR rooms. Canales can just as easily be a con artist charlatan
  8. All this means is the early Russ years, you had a scrambling qb adding 100 carries and 800 yards to the totals.
  9. His best plays were consistently on 4th downs. Stroud blows him away physically, but in the clutch he may be better.
  10. JJ isnt the vertical threat those guys were, which always gets them over drafted, John Ross syndrome. Seedy Lamb may end up being better over an entire career
  11. But is he a good run blocker like DK? Any Seattle rb is guaranteed a crap ton of yards just from Dk sealing the outside like an OL
  12. The only problems is while Chuba runs hard, he has zero talent. Miles looks completely washed with no burst. Brooks needs to play from down 1 if healthy
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