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  1. Luke officially out with concussion as reason

    So he did suffer one?
  2. Honestly we better blow them out. But I doubt thats going to happen. Trubisky will probably have his "break out" game vs us.
  3. Brees will light us up for sure. We just need to keep up and we can win.
  4. So ... First Place and 1 Game Behind Best NFL Record

    That offense is good but we'll see how the defense holds up.
  5. So ... First Place and 1 Game Behind Best NFL Record

    This makes me pissed off about the Eagles loss even more.
  6. Replay Officials

    NFL couldn't afford the pats to go 3-3.
  7. Sunday Games Thread

    Saints starting to look scary tbh.
  8. Sunday Games Thread

    Was keeping up with the Atl game on my phone and even though the falcons were advancing I was not worried because I knew it was about time for a matt ryan interception.
  9. Sunday Games Thread

    Lol at everyone so worried about the rest of our division. We still control our own destiny.
  10. Yeah dude thats a terrible example. Cam had easily given himself up well before he got hit. Do better.
  11. Although I'm bothered by the loss, we lost to a really good team in the regular season, its not the end of the world. What really bothers me is that we are stuck with this coaching staff and all of their incompetencies.
  12. Eagles did fug us up from the beginning but thats cuz we gave em everything
  13. WTF was that play calling

    Wtf was that playcalling the last 2 possesions.