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  1. gorillamilitia13

    Curtis Samuel ....

    We’d be straight up fools if we cut him.
  2. gorillamilitia13

    I’ve never seen anything like this before

    Yeah this team is pretty stacked.
  3. gorillamilitia13

    Expect a big year from Funchess this year.

    I’d say last season was a breakout season for him.
  4. gorillamilitia13

    Back to back winning seasons

    We’ll get it this year. Love how we have 3 straight nfc south championships but have never had back to back winning seasons.
  5. CMC is most definitely, a three down back.
  6. Considering we were dead last in defense last 7 weeks of last season... I have a hard time disagreeing with OP. Secondary is sketch. DE’s are sketch.
  7. gorillamilitia13

    Cam and Some of the Offense Out Bowling

    Love to see it.
  8. gorillamilitia13

    OPINION: Panthers will sign a veteran RB

    Man we should’ve just drafted Guice in the 2nd.
  9. Damn don’t think I’ve ever seen this much collective disagreement on one player we’ve drafted. Personally I don’t know anything about him.
  10. Idk but that DE the Saints drafted would’ve probably been number one on his board.
  11. gorillamilitia13

    Receivers - 5 are already locks I think ...

    Smith better be a lock.
  12. gorillamilitia13

    Carolina Panthers Select Dj Moore

    Hype. Our number one goal is to make Cam happy. Olsen, Funch, Smith, Samuel, CMC, Moore, Byrd (?) = a happy Cam.
  13. Not necessarily a bad thing. Means both men aren’t afraid to voice their opinions which is what you need.