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  1. gorillamilitia13

    Cam Jordan best 7 Player in NFCS

    Kamara shouldn’t be on this list and Julio is better than Michael Thomas.
  2. I love Cam to death but Wilson is also great. Being a UNC and Panthers fan I hate to admit that.
  3. gorillamilitia13

    Josh Gordon!

    For sure. Browns have put up with him and invested in him for 7 years. There’s gotta be something big going on for them to let him go (he’s getting high).
  4. Yep. Moore should’ve been heavily involved from week 1.
  5. I feel like Rivera’s been more animated on the sideline this year than years past. He’s actually showing a lot of emotion out there. Wanting to win is contagious and maybe he’s feeling some of Tepper’s energy. Or maybe he knows his job is very well on the line if we don’t do well this year.
  6. Its not that, its that Funchess completely fuged us this game. Dropped several clutch catches hes expected to make with his eyes closed. I’d put some more blame on CJ but at least got us our first fg.
  7. Lol, y’all need to relax. We lost at ATL, I’m not too shocked. We can and will still be successful this season
  8. gorillamilitia13

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    Blame a huge chunk of this loss on Funchess. Dropped several clutch passes that any WR1 should be catching.
  9. gorillamilitia13

    Positives from the game....

    Not shocked we lost at ATL, it sucks but I actually feel good about our team. I blame CJ and Funch on the loss. This was just like our Saints playoff game.
  10. gorillamilitia13

    Is it time for Gauldin??

    I’d rather have Colin back there atm.
  11. Dude was looking like a vet out there. We got us a gem.
  12. Thank you! A win is a win. AND we are adjsusting to a lot of new pieces on offense, new schemes, owners, coaches, etc. All you whiners need to stfu.
  13. Wasn’t worried cuz I knew Matt Ryan would choke yet again. Dude just doesn’t have it.