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  1. TDs Arm: Medical perspective, can he still be effective?

    Looks like straight strike-tackles from TD this Sunday
  2. I work too damn hard to control my emotions - Cam Newton

    and he's only gonna get better.
  3. Official one and only Superb Owl 50 Pie

    My whole body is numb right now! lets go Panthers! Gimme some fuging Pie
  4. Explain why it was YOUR fault the panthers lost today...

    I'm a student in Wilmington and watched every game this season except for today's in my home there. I'm home for winter break now so today's game was the first one I didn't watch in Wilmington, which we happened to lose. I'm sorry y'all. 
  5. No excuses today... we got beat

    We're missing Bene more then we thought we would
  6. Ted Ginn: I give all my success to Cam Newton

    sure was, nice one hander. 
  7. Thank You Carolina Panthers! KEEP POUNDING PIE

    not once was I worried! Keep pounding.
  8. Before we get all happy

    If this is our biggest problem then I'll take it. 
  9. Rodney Harrison

    Im pretty sure what he meant by that is that you have to lose one game so the team doesn't get too arrogant and cocky going into the playoffs. He said something like you have to lose one, trust me I know. 
  10. Let This Soak In

    hint hint... a full regular season of games. 
  11. Hey Panther fans

    No, cam should have taken the sign down. 
  12. we're lucky to be fans of such a great organizatiom. Class from top to bottom.
  13. We Could Have Afforded the Kraken

    The fact that QBs arent throwing his way means he IS involved on every play. 

    Funchess TD, Shaq Thompson pic 6. Big day for the rooks. 
  15. Steve Smith

    I don't get why everyone is flaming op. This would be fuging awesome. Our WR core is terrible and even though were 4-0 it'll show in the coming weeks.