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  1. He's a miserable old man for sure
  2. I'm against abortion. 
  3. How do the cops not know if he's contained or not
  4. Is it because of PP or was he just in that area?
  5. Why would anyone have a problem with this?  
  6. If the judge didn't order the video released they would have been free and clear 
  7. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    I don't know what it is about white supremacists shooting some black people that gets you so angry
  8. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    I hate it when he comes down from one of his meltdowns. He gets all angry 
  9. Donald Trump: Because I Said So, It's True

    Middle East does look like Jersey
  10. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Is this considered terrorism?  
  11. A NATO member shoots a plane that encroached on its airspace. Putting won't do a goddamn thing
  12. 5 Black Lives Matter protesters shot  
  13. Syrian refugees

    Chemical castration didn't work? You're starting to lose it again.