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  1. SF 49ers join fight against HB2

    These two are a joy at the parties
  2. Freddie Gray

    I love and support our police force. They're underpaid, overworked and constantly on their toes bc every stop they make could be a nut job with a gun in a country full of them. However, standing in blind support of every asshole, without realization that he/she basically took a poo on all your hard work, is disgusting. Police forums proved there is even support for killers like Slager. These officers in Baltimore could very well be innocent, but the public no longer trusts them.
  3. I long for the days when the only distraction, that would make you honk your horn like a maniac, was the person in front of you trying to fish out his/her CD stuck under the passenger seat floor mat.
  4. It never happens

    Yuuge numbers
  5. It never happens

    32 voters over the span of eight elections. Yup. 1.Time to spend millions to make sure this never happens again. 2. And make sure we offset that cost by closing DMVs (preferably in minority-heavy communities). 3.? 4. Profit!
  6. If we're in this for years to come, things our lining up in fan's favor.
  7. Freddie Gray

  8. Freddie Gray

    Damn. That brings it back to zero lessons he ever leaned in his 50 years on Earth
  9. Obama kills...

    I LOLed
  10. Obama kills...

    Any president could do it. Just ask W. wait..maybe not
  11. Obama kills...

    I hope the next POTUS is as soft as this one