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  1. Getting Annoyed

    California has a lot of Broncos fans. Not a ton but a decent amount.  Of course you're going to see Raiders and Niners fans.... the thing is in San Francisco.  I'll be there Saturday, couldn't make it down dusing the week cause of work. I'm sure you'll see tons if they show anything on Saturday since most going to the game are arriving now. 
  2. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    Not going to lie. I think Manning get's benched. Not because they feel Brock will help them win the game but because if they don't he will be killed with how much he's getting hit. 
  3. Who Is Your Super Bowl MVP Preidction?

    Prediction is Cam Hope is its TD 
  4. Lady Gaga will be performing the national anthem

    I actually really like Poker Face 
  5. Cam Newton INFLUENCES the media!!!

    Man, Versace has got to be loving this free publicity. 
  6. Peyton's College "Issue"

    There's been a couple of articles written on it. This one puts it best... Manning was lucky Social media didn't exist back then. If you notice this was written in 2014... every time this tries to surface it doesn't... someone/something shoots it down and the media never runs with it. But bring up a Laptop and oh man. 
  7. Man you got more insight than any of us. You don't have to get into the details but that bitter taste from Deangelo is real right? 
  8. Be Honest, How Many of You Were Cam Fans When He Was At Auburn?

    I LOVED watching him play that year, had zero thought he would ever be our QB.  It's funny one of the main images from Cam at Auburn to me was him running to the student section and getting them pumped up. I loved how he played to the crowd. They fed off him... Never imagined he would be doing that to us, let alone critized for it lol. 
  9. Future Hall of Famers on This 2015 Tteam?

    Cam and Luke if they keep it up. Olsen could and MAYBE Ryan... other than that I really hope Ron.... If Ron gets in as a coach 15 years from now, we had a REALLY good run! 
  10. Bay Area Guide To SB50 Fun!

    If you're going to go into the City on Saturday it doesn't mean you can't go before there is enough there to keep you busy and you won't even come close to seeing it all (which is weird because area wise its small) However if you want to do something other than SF may I suggest heading south to Santa Cruz or Monterey... can't really lose with those two. 
  11. Bay Area Guide To SB50 Fun!

    I love how you try to claim Napa as North Bay.... you know damn good and well its more Central Valley!!! That being said if y'all come please make it out of the city at least once. Sonoma is prettier than Napa but you'll have a good time either way. If you can make it to the wineries do... its the most WASPy thing you'll ever do in your life but that doesn't mean its not amazing. However if you want to see something beautiful and don't want to venture too far from the city hit up Point Reyes... walk down to the Light House. Its not only breathtaking but there is a chance you'll see Whales and Elephant Seals. And if its your first time to the City. Do yourself a favor and Visit the Rock (get your tickets in advance it saves you hassle) its a cool place to visit they have night and day tours which are slightly different.... but the bonus on this is you get to see the city from the Bay and its pretty bad ass.  Go eat in China Town its cheap and great. 
  12. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    I too shall be there.... I'll let you buy me a beer. 
  13. Where are we watching the game in SF?

    I figured they would set it up at the Ferry Building like they did for the kickoff game. Is that right? 
  14. Where are we watching the game in SF?

  15. Where are we watching the game in SF?

    I don't know about the night but that day I plan on heading into the city man. Let me know if you'll be around. I plan on going to the Super Bowl village they are setting up etc.