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  1. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Already posted? Oh well you vill vatch it again and you vill like it ya!
  2. I don't know, I moved outta the A a couple weeks ago. It was still on when I went there for my last beer in town.

  3. Hell yeah. I heard they recently stopped brewing the Ninja Porter. Please tell me they didn't.

  4. lol, I busted out laughing when I saw your response. The whole thing with stealing material from other profiles on a message board.. is so stupid. lmao

  5. It didn't last long. We took it outside and settled it!

  6. hell yea, that's awesome. lol wasn't there some poster who stole your sig gif? seemed like..

  7. haaaaaaaa! I first saw him in Gettysburg and got a "Chamberlain's Charge" poster when I went to the battleground because he was so badass.

  8. lol, I have no clue. My theory, he must be sitting back collecting checks from Arachnophobia BluRay sales. lmao

  9. Speaking of, wtf happened to Jeff Daniels??

  10. Haha. Only Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels could make a movie that goofy and be watchable. That is definitely a classic.

  11. That's how I am with certain films as well.

  12. I didn't really like Southland the first time I watched it. Now I love it.