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  1. Walking the streets of SF tonight with the wife. 
  2. Panthers pep rally is on my periscope...

    Where you at Igo I am here!
  3. #1 Defense vs. # Offense Narrative

    They make it like we are some namby pamby defense and have gotten by on offensive finesse.  All year long the most hyped offense in the league was the vaunted Arizona Cardinals. Our defense stomped a mud hole in them and took the ball from Palmer 6 times. How is a noodle armed Manning gonna fair? Not well.  Our offense puts up over 20 points and it is over. And given some of the field position we are sure to get, I don't see that being too tall of a task. 
  4. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    Thomas Davis is a gotdamn cyborg with a 3D cast on his metal forearm. Bring it bitches.  By the way, even if he isn't 100%, he's better than 90% of NFL linebackers. 
  5. I've spent the past two days cleaning up my backyard and my bar for a super bowl watch party, and I've pretty much seen nothing but praise for Cam and the Panthers for 48 straight hours. 
  6. I Disappointed Cam Newton

    The things I'd do to Taraji if I wasn't married you have no idea. 
  7. Was looking back through some old MVP winners and was wondering who everyone thinks will win SB50 MVP and why? I was gonna say Cam, but I think Manning doesn't do well in this game and a big reason is Luke Kuechly.  So I will say Luke Kuechly wins because he gets two interceptions, one of them returned for a touchdown, and 15+ tackles in a Morgan-esque dominant Super Bowl performance.  Your thoughts?
  8. Sanders talking smack on Norman

    Wouldn't it make sense for Emmanuel Sanders (a WR) to be answering more questions about Josh Norman (a CB) before the biggest matchup of either of thier lives. Should the media only talk about Manning with these guys? What a goon. 
  9. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Well this thread went sideways in a damn hurry didn't it?
  10. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Well I didn't get that vibe at all. He shared an experience and said he was dissapointed, which is understandable.  I don't think for a second that means OP and family will be rooting for the Panthers or Cam any less this Sunday, or any Sundays moving forward. 
  11. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Cmon man I don't think OP thinks the world revolves around his daughters.  He was hoping Cam would take a pic with his kids, he didn't, and naturally they (and by extension, he too) are dissapointed.  I don't think he's making a big deal of it just by sharing an experience on a message board. He certainly isn't saying fug cam or fug the panthers based on one experience. 
  12. Cam Newton disappointed me

    On the other hand, if you remember Bene and Josh Norman being on Jeremy's podcast, someone asked if Bene used to eat La Vic when he went to San Jose State. He said of course, and this is the place I was talking about. And I was the one that asked the question. So I'm basically famous. 
  13. Cam Newton disappointed me

    This is actually kinda sad to hear, but I understand that these guys get bombarded with poo 24/7. I'm sorry this happened OP, woulda been a great memory for your kids. My daughter would be super upset too. 
  14. The Santa Clara Camera Bag Strategy

    They let you get a +1 to hold all your stuff if you're a SB photog right?
  15. I thought someone was literally examining our hotel for weaknesses. Structural weaknesses, location of fire alarms, etc.  I liked the thoroughness.