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  1. Michelob Ultra

    Do they still make Mad Dog 20/20? That was always a favorite of me and my people too. Jesus Christ, upon reflection we drank some really nasty poo when we were young.
  2. Which thread was it? Can't recall if it was rayzor or me that got to actually pull the trigger. Probably rayzor. Lucky bastard.
  3. Michelob Ultra

    When I was a young pup we used to drink 40's of St. Ides down the neck and then fill the neck back up with Cisco. Less than $5 and you'll be on the floor in no time.
  4. Your Odd News For The Day

    I personally could not care less about what bathroom a person chooses to crap in. But then I also don't pretend to understand what goes through a gay or trans persons mind on a daily basis. I also don't understand what goes through the mind of religious fanatics. My wife doesn't understand how I can be so emotionally tied to a silly football team that I am on a fan forum for that team 365 days out of the year.
  5. People used to love the Warriors as an underdog and people loved Steph Curry. Now every ESPN article I read the first comments are people HATING the Warriors and often times Curry. Success breeds contempt. No one hates a loser. When you see a guy pull up in an 89 Corolla you aren't like "fug that guy", but when a guy pulls up in a Lamborghini the first thing people say is "pssh yellow?!?! Who buys a yellow lambo bro?!" It might be cliche, but haters really are gonna hate.
  6. The issue for me isn't so much the value they placed on him. It's that they could have gotten him much later than they did. Even if he's the next great kicker, he could have been had way later, let alone trading up to get him.
  7. Cam TD celebration 5.0

    That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I hope Cam scores a TD and does that whole fuging poo right there in someone face. Pie for making my day.
  8. Best I can gather is that he's viewed as a major project who will already be 24 at the start of the season. Teams may have figured that he could be 27 by the time things click for him and not wanted to pull the trigger. I have no idea why else he'd go undrafted.
  9. Falcons training with Navy Seals

    You shut your whore mouth and don't ever disrespect Tropic Thunder by associating it with the Falcons!
  10. Falcons training with Navy Seals

    Has there ever been a team that has tried so hard at being tough but no matter what they try they just come off as pussies? I mean it's really laughable at this point.
  11. Madden 17 Cover Release

    Or that god damn internet
  12. Madden 17 Cover Release

    I stepped on a crack in the sidewalk while reading your post. BRB going to call my mother to make sure she didn't just break her back because, you know, it's science.
  13. Madden 17 Cover Release

    I know people jokingly mention the madden "curse", but you are all joking right? Like none of you actually believe in some cosmic correlation of coincidental injuries and video game cover art right?
  14. Eventual Charlotte Hornet, Steph Curry wins MVP

    Sucks Cam is gonna play for Atlanta one day. Pisses me off.
  15. Panthers honor Steph Curry today...

    I'm a diehard Warriors fan and STH, and I agree with you. What San Antonio has done with their core and coaching over twenty years has been truly remarkable.