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  1. Luke Cage added a post in a topic Gameball, who gets it?!!   

    Easily Cam. Without him this team is canned poo.
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  2. Luke Cage added a post in a topic Notes and Memos - Texans   

    Dear O-line,
    Aka Big Uglies, aka fat boys, aka "you guys almost got me killed last year, fug you". Thanks.
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  3. Luke Cage added a post in a topic Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    The Coup de gras AND the coup de grace.  
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  4. Luke Cage added a post in a topic Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    Hebrew Hammer Bitches! Striking with the vengeance of Moses himself.  
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  5. Luke Cage added a post in a topic Radical USA Hating Muslum   

    OP needs to stfu.  Probably another chickenhawk rethug coward who never served, never took fire, never saw people get blown up, shot up, crying asking for water and/or their moms.  In short, OP fug you. Freaking idiot. 
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  6. Luke Cage added a post in a topic Ex-tennis star James Blake tackled by cops   

    The silence from the police apologists is deafening.  Until police Departments start doing a better job getting rid of shitty, psychopathic, steroid abusing, meathead cops, this will keep happening.  Until that "thin blue line" gets completely obliterated and decent cops stop protecting dirty cops, nothing will change.
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  7. Luke Cage added a post in a topic Jonathan Stewart's calves would not fit in the general Pics thread....   

    "Boy". Lol. I bet you'd call him Mr. Stewart to his face though.
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  8. Luke Cage added a post in a topic Self Checkout   

    Extreme couponers who like to sit there and argue with the cashier because one or two of their coupons didn't go through. I understand being frugal but holy poo some people take it too far.
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  9. Luke Cage added a post in a topic Hulk Hogan's racist audio rant   

    Coming from the king poo poster himself. I'm definitely not KT but the fact that Zod hasn't made it impossible for your stupid ass to keep coming back is a travesty. As much time as you spend on here, I'm sure you're a fat single pos loser irl.
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  10. Luke Cage added a post in a topic Hulk Hogan's racist audio rant   

    Hogan just released an "apology" through his publicist admitting he said it. I'm not surprised. Hope he burns in fuging hell. Piece of poo. Sidenote, I wish more of these athletes would get wise to how a majority of the public views them so schools like South Carolina, Alabama, LSU, pretty much the whole SEC, and other schools in flyover states get no recruits. They cheer you because you run fast and demonstrate freakish strength that allows them to live vicariously through you while you wear the colors of their team. Outside of that, you're still a n***er. They'd cross the street to avoid passing you and wouldn't want their daughter to date you.
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  11. Luke Cage added an answer to a question Women that don't want kids. Ever.   

    Actually no I won't. I'm a 30 yr old vet currently in grad school. I think I know myself pretty well at this point. After seeing how absolutely shitty humans can be, I have no desire to inflict this human existence on an innocent 3rd party. It always comes back to that point when I think about having kids.
    Even the thought of having kids turns my stomach. I still want to get married though. I've already told my girlfriend how I feel in explicit detail. She's doing that thing women do where they'll delay because they think they can change your mind. I guess we're going to have an actual talk about it soon because I don't want to feel like I'm wasting my time or her time.  I was mainly just wondering if it's a fruitless quest to look for women who don't want kids.  Before I met my current girlfriend, serious relationships weren't an option because it was more fun to play the field and be a slut. 
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  12. Luke Cage added a question in Ask Away   

    Women that don't want kids. Ever.
    How hard is it to find one? I've been with my girlfriend for about a year now. I care for her a great deal. She says she wants kids eventually one day. I don't want kids and cannot be convinced otherwise. I think she feels that eventually she can change my mind. This will not change. The world is a terrible and fuged up place and after seeing the full scope of human evil I don't think it's moral or ethical to bring an unwilling participant into this sick game to satisfy some innate and largely nonsensical selfish desire to procreate.
    I will not change my mind about this and I'm coming to the conclusion that this will probably be the issue that causes us to break up. We are otherwise extremely compatible. So my question is (for the older huddlers) how hard is it to find women who don't want kids? Is it "mission impossible"? Do men who want to settle down and get married just have to bite the bullet and help their wives pop out little poo-makers?
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  13. Luke Cage added a post in a topic This guy right here....   

    Fat dude, ugly with small hands and a beer gut. He probably hasn't seen his member without the aid of a mirror since he was 8. Dude in the back looks like Terrelle Pryor and the Panthers fan is like "yeah, dude has a small peen. His wife told me. It's sad, but I'm gonna keep handling his business for him. Keep pounding".
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  14. Luke Cage added a post in a topic Titans receiver Justin Hunter arrested...   

    He's lucky that it's not attempted murder. "Stabbing, wounding"...what the hell happened?
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  15. Luke Cage added a post in a topic What just happened in Congress?   

    This is what the GOP is all about man.  This is what the Republican party means to me.  Which is why even the thought of voting Republican makes me want to puke.  This is what they care about.  Even as the combined minority population of the United States climbs and they risk making themselves an irrelevant 2nd party option as far as obtaining the Presidency goes.  It's absurd. But I thank them for it.  They will lose 2016 and the United States will be better for it.
    They can keep saying "States right! It was about States rights not slavery!!!" (Despite the fact that the freaking vice president of the Confederacy explicitly stated that they were fighting for white dominance and maintaining a white supremacist system).  They are alienating thinking people with their idiotic social policies and it's awesome.
    Meanwhile, in Texas the Republican controlled Board of Education approves textbooks which blatantly rewrite history by glossing over darker aspects of American history and failing to mention the KKK, lynching, minimizing slavery, and avoiding the phrase "mid-Atlantic slave trade".  And these guys have the audacity to accuse liberals of having an "agenda".  It's laughable and they are pathetic.
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