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  1. You're right CWG. But unfortunately, at this point in my life, I cannot have a rational or civil discourse with Republicans. Just can't do it. If they say something stupid, I'm extremely disinclined to respond with a cogent argument. Why waste pearls on pigs? Instead, I choose to hurl insults at them. It's cathartic and better than hurling bullets.
  2. You're not even fit to spit shine my nuts. Much less Cam's you POG bitch. I earned my CAR. Pussy.
  3. No surprise your stupid ass is a trump voter. Now I definitely know you're a chicken hawk pussy. Just like Trump.
  4. That's not what I meant. And honestly, the course of my life proves how great this country is and shows everything that is right with it. I wasn't born here. I came here when I was 6. My dad was given an amazing opportunity to get his PhD in biochemistry by way of a fellowship. I'm getting a dual masters degree now and will probably pursue a PhD when I'm done. So I'm not about handouts or plantations. I know this country is great. It's why I spent a total of 25 months in Iraq dodging bullets. What have you done for this country? You sound like a chicken hawk and a pussy. Knowing this country is great doesn't blind me to the obvious flaws and shortcomings that need to be worked through. So yeah fug you too.
  5. You're a damn fool Stirs. You have no idea what molded my personality into what it is today. You're hilarious man. Hilarious. FYI, I grew up in a 96% white suburb in Alabama. I got into fist fights regularly with idiots who wore "Dixie Outfitters" t shirts with the confederate flag on them. I got called the "N" word a lot. But, I fought every single person who called me that. And it didn't end there. I joined the USMC as an infantryman. Guess what? Most 0311's are fuging rednecks. So there was a lot of racism there too. So yeah, I've had my own struggle. With idiots like you. fug you. I'm actually done attempting to have a rational discussion with you. fug you with an AIDS dick Stirs. I hope you die.
  6. Let me make an analogy for you; maybe it will help you understand a little bit. If/when a woman who has given birth (an experience I as a man can never, ever go through) explains to me that the pain is indescribable, I don't discount her statement by telling her to just suck it up or get over it because "it's not that bad". I know that as a man, I can never experience that situation so I take her word for it. You have literally no basis to try and discount the words or thoughts of people who have been experiencing racism since they were born. Most of the vitriol Cam faces is because he is a black man who is "going against the natural order" by being in a leadership position and by refusing to conform or hide himself like Russell Wilson has chosen to do. Nanuqofthenorth's post confirms what a lot of blacks have known for a while, but here you come with the same old tired bullshit. Making excuses. Looking for every other possible explanation except the obvious one.
  7. There really is no getting through to you is there? You're one of those guys who tries to find every other possible reason for something besides the obvious one. Occam's razor means nothing to you. Carry on Stirs. Never change.
  8. What should Huddle termination papers include..?

    Where have all the good trolls gone lol? Did "Batman's" punk ass get banned and make a new alt? Did Grits (one eyed idiot from way back) ever come back? I haven't been around stupid, sup-human people for years so reading some of the posts from these idiots was a really useful reminder as to how worthless people can be. Seriously, people need to pass some sort of test before they procreate. Actually, scratch that. Idiots should make more babies so that the children I may one day make are guaranteed to have a steady supply of non-hackers to mow their lawns and follow other orders.
  9. What should Huddle termination papers include..?

    A pic of some nice boobs to ease the pain.
  10. All I'm saying is, he needs to stfu and get over it already. He's easily the pettiest man alive. Change his name to Petty Crocker and tell him to bake some hoe cakes. Overly sensitive ass dude.
  11. How the fug can you be so damn muscular and big...and be so patently bitch made?? How is it even possible? I'm not sure how it's possible to pass an NFL physical when the testicular exam I'm sure they give, should have revealed that he has a weeping vagina and not testicles. We don't wanna hear anything more from you, you fuging mewling quim.
  12. Matt Kalil to be cut?

    Damn straight I would. I think anyone who has brothers (blood or otherwise) knows that there's no better feeling than going to war with your brother by your side. That kind of poo just feels...right. If we can get him, I hope we do.
  13. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Agree completely. Unfortunately, it is their due as the victors. And even more unfortunately, we are the ones who have to "hold this L" and suck it up until the team returns back to the summit. I am confident they will return though. Hell, two years ago, Denver was destroyed by the Seahawks, and now they're the champs. This team can do the same.
  14. I hope DG learned something tonight

    fug that. Draft more hog mollies. Actual first round talent hog mollies. As well as he played all season Remmers got absolutely abused tonight. Other guys too. I was pretty fuged up and wasted so Remmers was the only one who consistently stood out as Von Miller's plaything.
  15. Deangelo Williams picks....

    Love it. Almost as good as "Even Janitor". Hahahaha.