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  1. Local paper hating on Cam

    Oh he's serious.  Trust me.  He's a complete moron and writes this kind of stuff all the time.
  2. Local paper hating on Cam

  3. Local paper hating on Cam

    Article:   "When can a winner still be a loser? It’s easy when your name is Cam Newton. Carolina Panthers supporters have reason to be happy this season, with their team off to a 9-0 start. But those who consider themselves serious football fans with a deep appreciation of the game should be ashamed of their quarterback Newton’s bush-league behavior. One quality of being a true professional, whether you’re talking about athletics or most any other field, is knowing how to be a graceful winner as well as a gracious loser. In playing professional sports, with teams generally evenly matched under a scenario of any one of them being able to win on a given Sunday, it’s a sure bet that sooner or later a player will find himself on the losing end of things. Yet you wouldn’t know that judging by the actions of Cam Newton, who instantly became irritating by donning jersey No. 1 when he entered the National Football League. That made an egotistical statement that the great quarterbacks don’t see the need to make when they pick numbers 12 or 18, who instead let their performances do the talking. Newton further irritated serious fans of the game when he began doing a celebration after scoring a touchdown in which he simulated Clark Kent pulling open his shirt to reveal that he is Superman. Now, I usually appreciate imaginative endzone celebrations, but Superman? The Panthers quarterback has taken his antics to a new low with several recent incidents. One occurred on Nov. 8 when Carolina hosted the Green Bay Packers and a Packers fan was displaying a large banner showing a map of North Carolina in the Green Bay color scheme and superimposed with the team’s big-G logo. Newton ripped down and disposed of the banner, which supposedly had cost the fan $500. Now I have been in the Panthers’ stadium when they played the Packers and it’s safe to say there were more Green Bay fans present than Panthers supporters — at least they were making more noise. The same has been true with other iconic teams with a nationwide fan base (which does not include the Panthers), such as the Steelers and Cowboys (although Dallas has no business calling itself America’s Team). Newton really took the cake last Sunday with his deplorable behavior in a win against the Tennessee Titans in Nashville. He finished off Panthers’ scoring drives with “in-your-face” taunts of both the Titans’ players and fans, complete with chest pumps, pelvic thrusts and arrogant struts. It made one long for the good old days of the Clark Kent/Superman routine. Naturally, Newton’s childish and unprofessional behavior irked Titans players and fans, including one mother who chastised him in a letter she shared with the Charlotte Observer. Rosemary Plorin of Nashville wrote how Sunday’s game was the first live NFL experience for her 9-year-old daughter, who sat near an end zone and had a close-up view of Newton’s post-touchdown theatrics. After witnessing this, the daughter had a number of questions, such as “Won’t he get in trouble for doing that? Is he trying to make people mad? Do you think he knows he looks like a spoiled brat?” Meanwhile Sunday afternoon, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady quietly led his team to victory over their nemesis the New York Giants. Now if anyone had reason to chest-pump or pelvic-thrust, it was Brady, since the Giants had robbed him of two Super Bowl victories in recent years. Brady simply hugged a few teammates after the winning drive and exchanged high-fives, but somehow did not see a need to rub it in the Giants’ faces. That’s because love him or hate him, Brady not only possesses Superman-like skills on the field, but — unlike Cam Newton — the intellect to know that there is a certain karma with sports in that whatever goes around comes around. And if Cam Newton doesn’t modify his behavior, he is going to one day find himself lying flat on his back in pain from being blindsided by some linebacker or defensive end in payback mode. And while looking up at the Carolina blue sky, Newton also will see said linebacker or defensive end taunting him with chest-pumps or whatever. It might be next week or next month, but this will happen."
  4. Local paper hating on Cam

    Yeah...he's been stuck at the same paper for years.  Wonder why.  Complete idiot.  Even goes as far as saying that Cam chose the # 1 because he is arrogant.  Refers to Brady as a class act.  Lol
  5. Local paper hating on Cam

    what a complete uneducated moron.  This guy is known for writing articles based on lies.  Comment, write the editor, call...anything.  He needs to go.
  6. CAMVP

    You forgot Romo.  He is 3-0 man.  According to ESPN, he is the clear MVP at this point.  LOL
  7. Dallas love-fest has begun

    Let them enjoy it for a few days.  Come Thursday, they will have 8 losses.  
  8. #keeppounding

    So I ordered wings from a local (Surry County, NC) restaurant for the wife picked them up.  Written in permanent marker on one of the to go boxes was "#keeppounding" This team is transforming the Carolinas.  I believe baby...I believe.  19-0 i tried to post a picture but kept getting an error message.

    The man has figured it out.  Please start him next week.  Oh, and Bene too!
  10. 10-OHHHHH so SWEET PIE!

    I you tubed sweet Caroline after this one.  What an amazing, unforgettable season so far.  I love this team!
  11. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    No block in the back cal there??  Really?
  12. Both of Tony Dungy's books are very good.  
  13. Titans Mom Responds Back to our Swag QB

    Flip-Flop. So, is anyone else wondering if she is PU's mom?
  14. 9-0 PIE!!!!

    Had poontang pie last night.  Now give me some victory pie!  
  15. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Gosh I love this team!  And Gosh I love Miller Lite!