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  1. Wes Horton re-signed

    UDFA Rahim Cox.  He's on our practice squad.  Had a good camp and preseason last year.
  2. Wes Horton re-signed

    Hopefully Cox will step up and replace him.
  3. I normally wouldn't have a problem with it...but my big fear is that if this happens, it could seriously hurt the team if Johnson fails to show up in games once again as Rivera has a tendency to not pull under performing vets in favor of more promising younger players. 
  4. My daughter Lucy... The disappointed super fan.

    Both my girls, 9 and 6, were crying after we lost.  They hugged me tight and said they really wanted to see the parade.  I wanted to go physically kill Von Miller at that moment.  
  5. WTF was that trick play yesterday?

    A drive killer, that's what it was.
  6. Positions we need to upgrade

    I was crucified for saying this earlier in the season.  Nortman is not good.  We need to upgrade.  
  7. Positions we need to upgrade

    RT, DE, S.... and offensive coordinator!!!
  8. Cam pouting at the podium

    He said nothing rude or mean or classless.  He gave Denver credit.  He accepted responsibility for our part.  He got up and walked away so he didn't have to hear one more "can you put into words what you're feeling" question.  So...what's the problem here?
  9. 2016 Early Power Rankings

    Tolbert, Harper and CJ should not have a roster spot next season.  They contribute nothing and cost us at times.  It's time to move on from these aging, worthless vets.

    There will be at least one more pie thread my friends.  A Super Bowl victory pie thread!!!
  11. I have 2 girls, 9 and 6, who love watching Panthers games with me.  They have been especially excited this season, since I told them that we are going to Charlotte to watch the parade when the Panthers win the Superbowl this season!  Charlotte better not disappoint my little girls...
  12. Superb Owl Push

    Just renewed my All-Pro subscription.  Had it earlier in the year, and it never auto-renewed.  I am glad to support the Huddle.  
  13. Look How Happy Russel Wilson Is Now!!!

    That has to be one of the most pro-gay NFL pictures I have ever seen.  

    I texted every hater I know and rubbed this poo in!!!! 
  15. Arians looking like a genius tanking for the 2 seed..

    Hey PU...fug you