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    There will be at least one more pie thread my friends.  A Super Bowl victory pie thread!!!
  2. I have 2 girls, 9 and 6, who love watching Panthers games with me.  They have been especially excited this season, since I told them that we are going to Charlotte to watch the parade when the Panthers win the Superbowl this season!  Charlotte better not disappoint my little girls...
  3. Superb Owl Push

    Just renewed my All-Pro subscription.  Had it earlier in the year, and it never auto-renewed.  I am glad to support the Huddle.  
  4. Look How Happy Russel Wilson Is Now!!!

    That has to be one of the most pro-gay NFL pictures I have ever seen.  

    I texted every hater I know and rubbed this poo in!!!! 
  6. Arians looking like a genius tanking for the 2 seed..

    Hey PU...fug you
  7. All my love Superb Owl Pie

    fug the haters!!!  We are super bowl bound mother fuggers!!!!!!!!
  8. Panthers Inactives

    Fozzy has been the # 2 all season long.  CAP took his place while injured.  He is now healthy.  Which makes him the # 2 again.  Do you all understand now?
  9. Representing

    So the church sign lady inspired me.  I manage the Facebook page for the Town of Dobson, North Carolina.  Our page has a new profile picture as of a few minutes ago.  Also pinned the "One Carolina" pic to the top of our page.  #keeppounding
  10. Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    Brady getting beat down
  11. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    I'm pacing back and forth in my living room with a beer watching the clock.  I am so ready!
  12. Win or Lose.... be proud of your team today!

    We will win.  Period.
  13. I'm Shoveling snow at the stadium hard not smart.  Oh wait...
  14. Are blankets allowed in Bofa

    Not sure about blankets, but lucky for you, tampons are.  
  15. Enough of this "if we don't win" crap.  We are going to win.  We will be representing the NFC in Superbowl 50.