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  1. Are we on the same board? I've seen very little slack given to Bersin.
  2. Hall looks skinny. It could be that his jersey looks too big for him
  3. Holy crap at the penalties!! Someone get them a rule book they can study during halftime
  4. The Texans might want to go over penalties during their next practice
  5. Sometimes I wonder if mick even watches the game
  6. I know its summer but the field looks really nice
  7. That's great to hear. Now if they will only have the testicular fortitude to fire them when they suck at their job.
  8. Julius Frazier Peppers Thread

    I guess we know who to look for if peppers ever goes missing...
  9. I don't know if you can compare this camp to last camp. If the dbs have improved drastically and funchess is still beating them like last year, then isn't it reasonable to think that he's improved too?
  10. Blackout Issue?

    Exactly. I watch it on wtvd and the guide usually says whatever the national ABC channels are showing
  11. Well no wonder DA has been struggling. Its almost like the cb knows where he's going to throw it before he lets go of the ball....
  12. Huddle Upgrade this morning

    Nope. I clear my cache regularly so my wife can't see. Haha
  13. Huddle Upgrade this morning

    I'm really liking the new ads. Oh and the site is ok too