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  1. pantherj added a post in a topic Kuechly Officially OUT for Third Straight Week. We Need Answers.   

    Found the source ^
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  2. pantherj added a post in a topic todays practice tweets   

    Does that mean Luke is still showing symptoms of being concussed? I mean if he wasn't showing symptoms then he would be cleared right? I wonder if his symptoms are mental, physical, or both? I'd be frightened if I were in his position.
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  3. pantherj added a post in a topic Prisco breaks down Cam's progression   

    This has been an interesting season for Cam to say the least. What's happening is that for the past few seasons Cam developed a reputation for staring down his receiver. If he stared, then you could take it to the bank that it was going there. So every safety in the damn NFL started to feel that they could just read his eyes and cover more ground that way. Now Cam is starting to look off the safety, sending him headed in that direction as always, but now he's sometimes going to a different target. What makes me crazy is that he still has the bad habit of staring down his receiver, but he's doing it less. That shows improvement, and that's exciting.
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  4. pantherj added a post in a topic FBGP's NFL Gameplan Wk 4 Panthers/Bucs Preview   

    Typing in 2-1 rather than 3-0 doesn't really bother me all that much. It's an easy mistake. Now picking us to lose to the Jaguars... gotdamn. That one is hard to overlook. I nearly lost it in that Jaguar thread.
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  5. pantherj added a post in a topic todays practice tweets...Norman not there   

    What if it turns out Norman is just in his car in the parking lot having a good cry about nothing in particular?
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  6. pantherj added a post in a topic A little contrast...   

    From what I've been snooping on the internet the Saints coaching staff is really beating up on the players for every little tiny mistake they make on the field. However Brees, and a few other players, are being coddled and not picked apart. This is leading to many players feeling resentment toward the coaching staff. Payton's justification is that the Saints have a low margin of error due to the talent level of the team. The locker room is full of unhappy and resentful players, with the exception of Brees and a few others. I knew this would be the year the Saints finally imploded. Brees is in the twilight of his career, and that means below average Saints teams until they find a new QB.
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  7. pantherj added a post in a topic Jared Allen getting off the ball quickly   

    I remember reading a story about CJ a while back that makes me think he's certainly straight. The story could be bs, but it was an interesting read. I meant to say CJ was a little bit undersized, not that there is anything wrong with the weight and height challenged.
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  8. pantherj added a post in a topic Jared Allen getting off the ball quickly   

    It's an interesting situation because Ealy looks built to be a RDE, and Allen looks like a RDE as well. We really don't have a LDE now that CJ is going to be on IR for a few months, and even CJ is a little lite in the loafers which might have led to his injuries.
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  9. pantherj added a post in a topic Let's talk about Tampa some...   

    As a fan you can take the game however you want. Take it seriously. Take it lightly. Whatever. It won't effect the outcome. The Panthers take every game seriously.
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  10. pantherj added a post in a topic Let's talk about Tampa some...   

    It's unlikely that a rookie QB will be able to do well against our crafty veteran defense. We deny the deep ball, limit the rushing attack, and force the opposing QB to throw a lot of short and medium passes. If we are able to force the Bucs into that type of offense, then I guarantee a win barring some sort of offensive or special teams meltdown on our part. Their QB is the low completion type, and he doesn't know what he's doing yet. Our defense moves around a lot and shows a lot of different looks. It's a lot to deal with for veteran QBs, so I seriously doubt a rookie will do well. This should certainly be a win, but we need to play well in all 3 phases.
    Hopefully we'll get Luke back for the game. We're paying him an incredible amount of money for a LB (I'm still in shock that he got that much), so we need him out there. He's better than Klein in every possible way. I'm not sure how much losing CJ is going to hurt our defense because he wasn't doing much pass rush wise. It might hurt the run defense a bit. CJ used to be a freakishly powerful guy for his size, and now he just looks like a jag. What happened?
    Be ready for the D-line to do a lot of jumping up in the air to try and bat down passes. RR has been saying that he's going to get onto his D-lineman about getting their hands up when the pass rush fails, or the pass comes out to quickly to allow for a possible sack or hurry. 
    I'm still angry about the Hardy situation. If we still had him our defense would be lethal. Thanks again media for pretending to be outraged for the entire season, and then the moment he leaves forgetting that he even exists. Great job. You're collective fake outrage really made me want to vomit, and now our pass rush sucks. That's our modern media now. Just stir the pot as much as possible and to hell with the facts. Whip as many morons as possible into collective frenzy, and then when they lose interest move on to the next story. Guess what Trump said today! Outrageous! 
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  11. pantherj added a post in a topic How freaking ironic would it be if...   

    It wouldn't be ironic.
    "Ironic - happening in the opposite way to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement because of this."
    We Panther fans would expect a team lead by Pickles and coached by Fox to have the #1 overall pick.
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  12. pantherj added a post in a topic Josh Norman snubbed on NFL top 5 catches   

    I stopped visiting after they slammed our entire franchise.
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  13. pantherj added a post in a topic Josh Norman snubbed on NFL top 5 catches likes to ignore or poo on the Panthers. I've stopped being irritated by it. It is what it is.
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  14. pantherj added a post in a topic We could go 12-4 and still not win the division. Look at these easy ass schedules y'all   

    Atlanta is very healthy right now. It won't stay that way, and if the wrong player(s) go down the Falcons will fall apart.
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  15. pantherj added a post in a topic Could we be going into Tampa next week without Luke, Davis and Johnson?   

    Part of the problem with our DTs like Love and Edwards is that run as poorly as any DTs I've ever seen in my life. They might be the slowest DTs in the NFL, and that's not good for pass rush. We'll need to upgrade and dump the dead weight in the offseason.
    CJ is playing like a below average DE, and we're paying him a fortune. The threat at the time was that Atlanta would take him from us while he was in his prime, so Hurney went overboard with a $72,000,000 contract. It's clearly hurting us now.
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