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  1. Let him rest get ready for week 1 Lets see how these coaches can coach up some of the other talent we have
  2. Schien can go bang a dam horse Cowherd talking about us and not the cowboys is a breath of fresh air
  3. Olsen did the super bowl Let brady take over in 2025 finish the deal in the 2nd slot then Maybe Amazon or NBC will have spots opened Then go into the Fox's boss office and kick him in the nuts for hiring brady
  4. I like the way you think but 17-0 is better
  5. He'll get the 3rd or 4th broadcast team that nobody gives a fug about
  6. Yooooooo we got ourselves a #1 WR
  7. Falcons fans arent as annoying as saints fans Saints fans are the worst of the worst Falcons and Panthers fans hate the saints equal.
  8. Now vikings can tank this season and get that new stud in USC
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