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  1. Share Your Offseason lols

  2. From the moment we drafted Cam that was the order when it came to predictions from the boneheaded media. Sometimes they would swap the Saints and Falcons, but we were almost always 3rd. The main reason was because they believed that Brees and Ryan were better than Cam, and it's a passing league. I doubt there are many who still believe Cam is the 3rd best QB in the NFCS.
  3. Yeah see SB 50. I'm sure we will lose a few, but not 7. I'll be stunned if we lose that many.
  4. "Jared Allen, Roman Harper and Charles Tillman.” Ugh someone didn't watch our team last season. Tillman was beat up, and even at 100% he's the slowest CB in the NFL. Easy to replace. Roman Harper, on his best day, was the slowest safety in the NFL. Easy to replace. Allen was on his last leg, and rarely ever came anywhere near the QB. I think I remember him getting 1 sack. Wow how will we replace him? Look here is what really matters. Cam. The defense is fine. I mean it was leaky last season, and it's not going to be amazing this season either. We will get by. What matters is that our QB is considerably better than the rest of the QBs in the NFL. Most teams are just suffering through terrible QB play, so they are easy picking. Then you have the good QBs who are in the twilight of their career and have noodle arms. We're going to feast on those teams. 7 losses? Please. Stop it.
  5. We gained KB. There aren't 7 teams better than our team. Good lord. The only way this team is losing 7 games is if the injury bug bites hard.
  6. Gettleman Knee Replacement Surgery

    Can't carry that kind of weight without health problems. Diet or the heart goes next.
  7. This Guy...

    Cousins throws with the same velocity as a toddler throwing a beach ball. We have the second best QB in the NFL. So sweet.
  8. Well, I like this kid already.

    Just don't let him see Norman's twitter account.
  9. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    If I were Norman's publicist I would have stopped him (if possible) from making this dopey comment. He needs someone to save him from himself. Attacking the Panthers only harms himself, but for some reason he doesn't care, or doesn't understand. He might want a coaching job after he retires. Think the Panthers will hire him if he keeps this up? He might want to announce games. Think he will be in the booth with Rucker learning the ropes after making this comments? Suppose he wants to open a business here in NC? Are you going to eat at his restaurant after he's attacked the Panthers like a little brat? Norman doesn't think long term. He understands that he's butthurt, and so he spouts off. He needs someone to guide him as far as dealing with the media is concerned.
  10. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    fug Norman's sense of family with the Panthers. I care 0% if our players feel like they're being treated like family members, or business associates. Here is what matters to me. I want the Panthers to win on Sunday for my own personal enjoyment, and the enjoyment of my friends and family. I couldn't care less how that is achieved. Bring in Hardy, cut TD, hurt Norman's feelings, I couldn't give a poo. Win on Sunday and all is forgiven. Upset the players? Who cares?
  11. This Guy...

    Brady is maybe the greatest short/medium passing QB of all time. He's already a lock for the HOF, and putting him at #1 is never a bad decision. Rodgers pretty much looked like a fuging moron out there last season. Just looked like poo. If he continues that level of bone headed play with mediocre throws he's not going to sniff the HOF. He really got exposed last season. Wilson is pretty good, but no way can he throw with Cam's power. Nope. He's a scramble and toss a high one kind of QB, but he can also make some good throws here and there. Much rather have Cam.
  12. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    Hardy may be in danger of being tarred and feathered by JR and his person security team if he ever returns to Charlotte for any reason.
  13. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    Hardy might as well have committed murder in the eyes of JR. He's not coming back, but it is funny when people suggest we're getting him.
  14. Couldn't care less. On to SB 51.