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  1. Getting Benji Back

    I am in agreement here.  That was a freak accident and he'll be find.  You can pretty much count that he is going to demand double coverage and with Ginn and or Brown and or Funchess.  Going to be a nightmare for defenses.  We'll solidify the line and be ready to rock by the season opener.
  2. Getting Benji Back

    KB, Ginn, Funchess and Brown, why would we want to add another WR so high in the draft?  The way DG approaches the draft I could see it if he was BPA but IMO there will be a better value than WR. I wish I could find the article where R. Proehl was discussing Hill and said he had made great strides from his first year and heading into TC before he got hurt.  IF the article was correct than Hill would make #5 and a draftee would only end up taking a roster spot so we didn't lose him.
  3. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    I mentioned this earlier but I recall reading about how Hill was making great strides and had a promising training camp until he went down for the year.  It will be interesting to see if he can actually contribute in 2016.  Norwood was a waste of a trade.
  4. Videos of Ron & Dave G post-season press conferences

    I loved the part where the didn't want players that wanted to win.  They wanted players that hate to lose. Everybody wants to win but the guys that hate to lose are the ones you want.  You want guys who are going to make the bus late for the flight home. That is Cam.  I was angry when we lost and I didn't even play.  I hate to lose too.  I can only imagine being that close to the championship and miss it.  Worse than that get pulverized for 60 minutes.   Giving everything you have and still coming up short.  Worse than that is to answer a bunch of stupid fuging questions from a writer that is just waiting for that perfect comment to jettison his career to the top.    To force any losing QB into the spotlight before he is mentally ready is wrong.  Keep that edge Cam....I hope you never lose again but as long as it tears at your soul you will be one of the GOAT.    
  5. Who Should Go or not resign

    Don't think anyone is making wholesale changes but as every season you try to get better.  Johnson and Stewart have both been on borrowed time due to their huge contracts.  Allen didn't really show that much and the other players mentioned are either getting old or coming back from injury. The new season starts in one month from today.  Hardly think it isn't time to start thinking about the future. The old saying goes if you aren't getting better you're getting worse. We can get better.  Who whom remains to be seen.  I could be happy with all four of the ones I mentioned coming back but be 100% sure.  This roster will not be the same in 2016.
  6. Walter Football's 2016 Power Rankings

    Can't argue with it too much. 
  7. Positions we need to upgrade

    Point taken.  I like Stewart.  One thing we cannot overlook is he has been with Cam from the beginning.  He has the zone read hand off better than anyone.  It showed when he was out and CAP took over.  Fumble first game in.
  8. Positions we need to upgrade

    DE, Kony Ealy is one the other isn't something you draft unless he is top 5 or 10.  Otherwise you are going to have to let him develop so FA or one of the ones we have now.  Maybe re-sign Allen for the other side. OT - Oher is fine.... Remmer has done well be obviously we could upgrade at that position.  Nothing bad against him but there are better.  I think this is the position where we might actually make our biggest splash in Free Agency and the draft.  Main thing is.  They gotta fit our system.   Miller and Ware showed we need to get quicker on the outside.  CB - Gonna Tag Norman, Peanut I would like to see come back hopefully the knee doesn't hinder his speed but very well could.  I would like us to keep Finnegan.  I think he can revitalize his career here.  Still might have year or two in the Tank.  Definitely if the BPA is a CB we take him.   RB - I could see a Free Agent.  We already have CAP and Wegher and unless Stewart comes off with a cap friendly extension I think we will depart with him. S- Harper is on his last leg. Boston is probably ready to step but depth at Safety is always good.   Draft pick would be a great spot for this position. WR I actually think we are set.  KB will be back, Funchess should be ready to step up.  Ginn will be even better, Brown is solid....  The darkhorse is Hill.  From an article I read in midseason.  Hill was really progressing.   His speed and height can really make him a player to watch.  I honestly don't think we will grab one early in the draft.  Late day two or day three only.   Of course UDFA.
  9. Who Should Go or not resign

    Finnegan I really like.  I think he fits our scheme and could very well revitalize his career.  At a fair price I would hope he stays. McClain, I guess I would need to see a larger body of work.  Seems he was the go to guy because Norman had his guy locked down.  But definitely give him a shot during TC. Stewart HAS TO RENEGOTIATE to remain a Panther.  No way we keep him for the $$$ he is going to get.  What I would like to see is CAP and Wegher battle it out during TC on the 1st team.  Maybe be a new Double Trouble for us. Part of the reason I wish we could have played Wegher and CAP a bit more in games we had in hand.   Nothing beats game time situations.
  10. #gettlemagic No one will DRAFT and prepare us better : I BELEIVE

    What I love most about Dave Gettleman. 1. He doesn't read our forum and if he did he damn sure doesn't pay attention 2. He is not an overactive type of person.  He analyzes and makes sound decisions. 3.  He listens to our coaches and fills the gaps with good Free Agents 4. He works the Cap better than anyone I know 5. The majority of his picks and Free Agents are perfect for what we do.
  11. Who Should Go or not resign

    Would you take Stewart if we somehow was able to extend to a more cap friendly salary?  I think he has plenty in the tank and a outstanding running back.  Lots of experience with Cam on the zone read.  He has his benefits only injury is a big concern. Everything else I think is spot on.
  12. Who Should Go or not resign

    Jared Allen - Love him but really didn't bring much additional to the team.  Dwan Edwards - really didn't hear much about him Charles Johnson - Not much production from him in 2015 - Time to let Ealy go full time Lastly I have been on the fence about this one but, Jonathan Stewart - Unless he is willing to restructure,  We could find another bruising back at a much better price.  Plus being a super bowl contender I think we would just about anyone we offer would consider it.. What do you guys think of keeping Finnegan. Once Bene comes back McClain would be obsolete. Your thoughts?      
  13. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    Either way we are better off. Thanks    
  14. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    Here is a better idea.  Just stop coming to the site.  You need someone to tell you not to come?   We damn sure don't need you.  You are a poison pill, constantly negative and offer nothing constructive.   Trust me.... no one will send you messages to come back. Be a big boy and go be a Falcon fan or whoever you choose (as long as it isn't the Panthers) but leave this forum to true and loyal fans.   Cause you damn sure aren't one of us.
  15. Free agency not the draft will be the key this off season

    While I believe we will take a bite into the Free Agent market it is going to be a very select group. Not only do they have to truly be and upgrade but they also have to fit this team. We go through this every offseason and everyone gets pissed off because we didn't sign so in so. We were 17-2 with a pretty good team.  Can we upgrade? Certainly. We are not turning into M. Hurney because we lost the Super Bowl. That said I think we will look to upgrade RT, S, CB, RB Just like last season.  We addressed just about every position before the draft giving us opportunities to take BPA.