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  1. If that's what smart tesms do, what does that say about the team on the other end of the trade.
  2. Considering this is one of his more coherent posts, I'm guessing not enough, at least by his standards.
  3. So, the other coaches in the league are just taking it easy on their QBs?
  4. Article by Cynthia Freelund. "No tight end in the FBS last season earned a better center of gravity percentage on both passing and rushing downs than Tremble. This metric reflects a player's ability to maintain his center of gravity when hit or making a hit and has proven to be highly correlated to NFL blocking success since I started measuring it back in 2008." https://www.nfl.com/news/which-nfl-rookie-tight-ends-will-be-most-productive-in-2021-my-analytics-based-t
  5. LaFleur #1? I could be top 5 with Rodgers at QB.
  6. Hopefully one of the top guys sees value playing with Lamelo.
  7. Hopefully they move JC around and keep him on WR1 so Dante is covering the second or third option.
  8. I don't think it's a given that ESPN will get it. I know they were the early favorites but Amazon has shown strong interest, though their recent acquisition of MGM could change that.
  9. I've read it has two years remaining. Eight year contract beginning in 2014 - 2022. Either way we had DirecTV for years but got tired of the prices always going up. There's got to be a better way.
  10. Creating a new pro football league is becoming an annual occurrence.
  11. Just kidding. Hover over their name and choose 'Ignore User'.
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