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  1. Rhule wouldn't commit to Darnold as the starter. He did the same with Cam when he first got here. If I remember correctly, he said they brought Teddy in to be the starter, immediately, last year.
  2. If we win, I prefer Rhules approach. If we lose , I still prefer Rhules approach.
  3. Come on now, don't ruin the image I have of you being a cartoon character.
  4. Yeah, quite amazing that some people's lives are so bad that trolling a message board is their thing. Kind of sad, yet kind of funny.
  5. I saw this on the news ticker and knew him being a Chapel Hill guy someone would make this thread. He's from Florida though. Let one of those teams have him. Rhule said he wanted to get younger on offense and I agree with that.
  6. Indirectly, yes. They realized Teddy isn't the answer. Next up. Hopefully, Darnold can turn it around, if not we'll be looking again in two years.
  7. Because some teams don't mind a game manager. I actually think Rivera would be happy with a QB like Teddy but not sure if he'll want to do us any favors and he seems enamored with Heinicke. I think he'd also fit well with what the Patriots have traditionally done but seems like they may be trying to evolve their offense. Also, he may be better than anything the Broncos have not really sure if he fits their scheme though.
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