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  1. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Exactly. 3837 Yds. Considering our rushing attack is top tier those are some pretty good numbers. If Shula loses his mind and becomes Chudz is about the only way you are going to see our WR with huge numbers.
  2. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Brown might not be much of a return man but he is just as dangerous as Ginn. I think he has better hands and runs better routes. Furthermore, Brown is much younger. Not a Ginn hater but I said last year I thought we didn't need Ginn back with Brown. Fortunately for us we didn't have to choose because KB went down. Look at it this way. Ginn has peaked, Brown is only going to get better. Love the idea that we don't have 5 locks and 8 wannabes. We have some serious competition and over the next couple of months the cream is going to rise to the top. I will be happy with whoever they choose because honestly I don't think we lose with any combination. Who would have thought by 2016 teams would be watching our roster to see who we are going to cut at the WR spot.
  3. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    How we went from a talentless WR Corp (minus SS) to over abundance of talent in 2+ yrs is absolutely amazing. Obviously it is far too soon to tell but I wouldn't say there are locks outside of KB and Funchess. I think Ginn is a near lock but not 100%. Ginn is on the 2nd year of a two year deal. Byrd, Brown and HIll are speedsters and I wouldn't put it past Gman to make a decision to keep someone other than Ginn. Don't get me wrong I think Ginn was a key part of our offense but he isn't irreplaceable.. It is very possible that those preseason drops might make a difference this year..
  4. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    Let's be smart and no silly injuries.
  5. This comes from the same clown that thinks he has drafted 7 first round grade players in the past two seasons. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bucs-gm-thinks-hes-drafted-seven-first-round-talents-the-last-two-years/
  6. CPAT!!!!

    The guy couldn't catch a cold.
  7. The Next Legends

    Nice Article actually
  8. The Next Legends

    Don't be such a pessimist. I would have put Winston in place of Luck or Wilson.
  9. The Next Legends

    Give ya three guesses who is No. 1. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/five-nfl-qbs-who-are-next-in-line-to-become-legends/ar-BBt7Ixc?li=BBnba9I&ocid=iehp#page=1
  10. "Mucas" is back!

    I think so too. God only knows of Garrett makes the team. How would you like to face 6'4 and above at every possible receiving target except RB.
  11. "Mucas" is back!

    Aaaahhhh nothing like a bit of competition. Better than the days of the top one or two and the rest were just playing a role as someone with an opportunity. Now you have to battle with the young studs to keep your job.
  12. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    I know most don't want him here but I would love at least one Veteran in the group and if it isn't Peanut than it might as well be Cromartie.
  13. Keyarris Garrett didn't have to choose Carolina, but he did

    I think what makes this so impressive is that this staff for the most part has been together for 5 years. We haven't lost a coordinator since Chudz left and replaced him with someone who has really started to shine. Otherwise our entire defensive staff has remained the same. Continuity cannot be overlooked. You keep the same guys with the same philosophy and you are going to be good. Ray Brown and Ricky Proehl were long time stars in this league and have a ton of respect from the players. And as it has been mentioned time and time again. Dave Gettleman doesn't draft idiots. You have to be a smart player to be a Panther. Period. I love this mentality we have. Smart is good. Go Panthers
  14. Jordan Rigsbee

    Who knows what our staff can do with him. Otherwise camp fodder.
  15. Keyarris Garrett didn't have to choose Carolina, but he did

    100% agree. I have always been pulling for Hill to show up. His size plus his speed makes him so very dangerous. If he has improved over his two years with us and shows off in Camp than there will be some serious thoughts of keeping 6 WR. If Hill does show off there will be no way Garrett makes it to the practice squad, there were too many other teams that wanted to bring him in. Whatever caused him to drop so far is beyond me but whatever it was. R. Proehl is going to fix it. Sadly we gave a pick up for Norwood however, I don't see a chance in hell we keep him. I have no comment for Hamilton. Bersin has always been one of my favorites and I give him a billion Kudos for hanging on so long. I hope he hooks up with another team. Byrd has worked his butt off and someone has noticed. He will definitely be in the mix. Maybe he goes unnoticed and we can stash him on the P.S. with the new guy Stoshak.