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  1. Who Should Go or not resign

    Finnegan I really like.  I think he fits our scheme and could very well revitalize his career.  At a fair price I would hope he stays. McClain, I guess I would need to see a larger body of work.  Seems he was the go to guy because Norman had his guy locked down.  But definitely give him a shot during TC. Stewart HAS TO RENEGOTIATE to remain a Panther.  No way we keep him for the $$$ he is going to get.  What I would like to see is CAP and Wegher battle it out during TC on the 1st team.  Maybe be a new Double Trouble for us. Part of the reason I wish we could have played Wegher and CAP a bit more in games we had in hand.   Nothing beats game time situations.
  2. #gettlemagic No one will DRAFT and prepare us better : I BELEIVE

    What I love most about Dave Gettleman. 1. He doesn't read our forum and if he did he damn sure doesn't pay attention 2. He is not an overactive type of person.  He analyzes and makes sound decisions. 3.  He listens to our coaches and fills the gaps with good Free Agents 4. He works the Cap better than anyone I know 5. The majority of his picks and Free Agents are perfect for what we do.
  3. Who Should Go or not resign

    Would you take Stewart if we somehow was able to extend to a more cap friendly salary?  I think he has plenty in the tank and a outstanding running back.  Lots of experience with Cam on the zone read.  He has his benefits only injury is a big concern. Everything else I think is spot on.
  4. Who Should Go or not resign

    Jared Allen - Love him but really didn't bring much additional to the team.  Dwan Edwards - really didn't hear much about him Charles Johnson - Not much production from him in 2015 - Time to let Ealy go full time Lastly I have been on the fence about this one but, Jonathan Stewart - Unless he is willing to restructure,  We could find another bruising back at a much better price.  Plus being a super bowl contender I think we would just about anyone we offer would consider it.. What do you guys think of keeping Finnegan. Once Bene comes back McClain would be obsolete. Your thoughts?      
  5. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    Either way we are better off. Thanks    
  6. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    Here is a better idea.  Just stop coming to the site.  You need someone to tell you not to come?   We damn sure don't need you.  You are a poison pill, constantly negative and offer nothing constructive.   Trust me.... no one will send you messages to come back. Be a big boy and go be a Falcon fan or whoever you choose (as long as it isn't the Panthers) but leave this forum to true and loyal fans.   Cause you damn sure aren't one of us.
  7. Free agency not the draft will be the key this off season

    While I believe we will take a bite into the Free Agent market it is going to be a very select group. Not only do they have to truly be and upgrade but they also have to fit this team. We go through this every offseason and everyone gets pissed off because we didn't sign so in so. We were 17-2 with a pretty good team.  Can we upgrade? Certainly. We are not turning into M. Hurney because we lost the Super Bowl. That said I think we will look to upgrade RT, S, CB, RB Just like last season.  We addressed just about every position before the draft giving us opportunities to take BPA.
  8. Ealy made Super Bowl History

    When he got the sack and fumble I thought for sure we were going to ride that turnover into the endzone. Clearly would have won the MVP of Super Bowl had we won.
  9. Kony Ealy, Josh Norman, TD, Luke, and that Defense...

    I totally agree but damn.  It seemed like every opportunity they gave us was taken away by some BS call.  Every single decent field position we had. Gone The way it felt to me was as long as we had poor starting position the refs let it play.  Every opportunity that we had to score ended up with some BS call. Anyways I will get over this.  Kony and the rest of the defense kept us in the game and with 6 minutes I thought we were going to pull it out. Sadly we didn't
  10. That image of Josh Norman crying

    He is definitely one of my favorite players.  Hope he hangs around a long time.
  11. No way G'man keeps all three.   Hopefully he gets Norman done so we don't have to tag him.  Also get Short done because 2016 is his last year.  Star under contract for another year.  
  12. NFL Rigged?

    They should have just told us that the game was going Denver's way in the beginning and then we could put on good show for the fans. All of you that want to say that officiating didn't play a hand in it.  How many times in the second half did we have good field position only to have some bogus penalty.  Turner extended his arm on a guy (like everyone on every play does)  We get a 10 yd play negated.  Oh so sweet they gave us the first down and then marched us back 15 yds.  Ginn's Put return has us on the 50 again.  Blindside block.  Know why?  Cause Boston was coming back to the ball to block.  Once the defender started chasing him he created a blind spot and Boston just pushed him out of the play.  Bullshit call.  Another 15 yds back. Driving for a score.... Illegal contact.  Flag pulled up?  How so?  Ball too high?  Hmmmm sounds like the same play yet Denver got it because they couldn't get the ball into the end zone without help. Time and time again bullshit calls at the most inopportune time.  This was the fuging Petty Manning farewell and for god sake he wasn't going to lose it no matte what.  Two Super Bowl visits....two fug jobs..... Cheatriots taping us Now the god damn Peyton Manning send off tour. I think next year they should hand out fuging championship belts instead of rings.  Cause this damn sure reminds me of the fuging WWE.        
  13. NFL Rigged?

    I try not to blame refs but good god. I totally agree.  Denver played good but the Refs seem to take the air out of your sails every chance they could. Started from the very get go. The ball Cotchery caught still hasn't touched the ground. Oooopppss not illegal contact....tht would give Carolina a first down...my bad....no penalty Blindside block...oh yeah Ted Gin went to the other side of the field and he pushed him Let's help them score.... The pass was a mile over the head of anyone yet still ...whatever... oh yeah cant be PI because than that would be a no call....yeah right....illegal contact... Turner's unnecessary roughness.  Literally spit second after the whistle and barely pushed the guy.  Yet Cam was hammered time after time when he released the ball and nothing was call.  
  14. Nothing Will be the Same

    I had confidence when we were 2-14 that we would get back on track.  I think DG and staff has build a team for success.  This team has a chance to be a dynasty.  Truly believe this.

    TD gives the most inspirational speech. Cam goes Crazy Carolina Rolls GO PANTHERS