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  • What you should know I am a reformed REDSKINS Fan. THANK you Cam Newton for showing me the error of my ways. I now repent and only follow the choosen one each week from between 2 to four hours and sometimes on mondays. I now understand that the black and silver of the Raiders is truely evil and can corrupted the soul of any great AUQB (auqb= loosely translates into great plains warriors of the thicket clearers). May we lift up the mighty aerial attack and smite them or at least out score them on the great grid iron field of honor.
    Let us look upon him in high def, extreme wide screen, and maybe even 3D. As always we ask to leave the field with our head and score higher than our adversaries. If we cannot hold our heads high at least have good friends that can hold the stall door open while we return the days bounty back to the porcelin deity that can teleport to a happier place. We may complain and QB-monday morning but we will be back next week with our blue and white, fake fingers, panther ears, velcro claws, six packs, and a belief that maybe this could be this should be this will be the day. Therfore I believe if hope was in a bottle then cam would be in a bottle because Cam is hope. So for every newton there is hope and and for ever cam there is hope then hope is cam and cam is hope and hope is cam. So if you can find hope in a pothole if you move the letters around. Then for every hope there is a pothole and so pothole and cam mean hope or something like that. I got confused at the end here. Therefore ever pothole there is hope and cam is hope so for every pothole there is cam wow this stop making any since a long time ago.
    F.Y.I. (for anyone outside of AL) ALABAMA= means thicket clearers in choctaw native tongue this was the only thing a remember from my 6th grade civics class
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