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  1. Michael Oher back on top

    A lot of subtle jabs toward Bell in that
  2. Half of the CFL teams have a better defense than the Saints do, so this makes sense.
  3. Rodney Harrison is running his mouth again.

    I love how all of these jackass former players are trying to make this Superbowl about themselves and not about the guys actually playing. Nobody fuging cares Rodney. Why don't you put some soap in your mouth and go practice covering David Tyree you piece of poo. On the positive side, this may be the bulletin board material the team needs to get fired up.
  4. Peyton's College "Issue"

    Several versions of that story exist. It depends on who you talk to. People at UT who knew her say that she was looking for attention and that Peyton was playfully mooning a friend; others say that her version of events are true. No matter which story is true, this is something that happened when I was five years old and needs to be dropped just like Cam's laptop fiasco (pun sorta intended).
  5. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    The Atlanta metro is ranked 9th in the country with nearly 6 million people over a 5-county area. The actual city of Atlanta is limited to lower Fulton county and parts of unincorporated Cobb county. So many satellite neighborhoods de-annexed that the area which most people consider the city of Atlanta is actually a combination of a bunch of entities like Sandy Springs, Vinings, Decatur, Dunwoody, College Park, etc. in addition to Atlanta proper. Charlotte metro is ranked 22nd with 2 million and change over a similar sized area.
  6. My CEO is Cooler Than Yours

    I live in Atlanta...and work for a company that sponsors the Falcons and the GA Dome.      I couldn't even get approved for a vacation day.
  7. I don't give a fug who RW is dating. I just loathe the "I'm the perfect dude" persona he tries to promote himself as by publicly saying he doesn't have sex with Ciara and things like that, when Ciara is well-known as a "bad chick."
  8. That's a good point. I don't think RW would say something as obnoxiously retarded as "we practice abstinence" if their relationship was genuine.  Not to turn this board into a pop culture debate forum or anything... LOL
  9. I've always liked Sherman. I just hate that idiotic fanbase and the most beta dude in sports who's dating but not fugging a chick that says in her lyrics that she wants to fug bad guys in jail.
  10. Do you buy these or steal them?

    Jesus... for a woman the age of my mom, she's still got it 
  11. This. I remember seeing a kid at fan fest holding out a pink breast cancer awareness headband and asking him to sign it. He looked the kid in the face and said, "I don't sign autographs man." Not even kidding.
  12. I've said it from early on... DeAngelo is fake as fug and his social media presence is incredibly annoying. It doesn't surprise me that he's throwing shade at his old team, because he's still butthurt about a) being cut and b) the Panthers not making the entire 2014 season about his mom.    With that being said, who the fug cares? In 6 days he'll be sitting on his couch with Miller Lite and buffalo chicken dip while his old teammates will (hopefully) be hoisting the Lombardi.
  13. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

    Sounds like my ex-GF before her period and afterwards.
  14. The 12s just won't let it go...

    Foo fighters are pretty badass though