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  1. No other country on earth has this much gun violence. I don’t give a damn what was said 300 years ago
  2. Yeh well Moscow attacked our country by trolling and hacking the poo out of the 2016 election.
  3. It’s the damn truth. That must sting you.
  4. Your argument is like saying “well...there are still car accidents so I don’t see the point to having traffic laws/ speed limits / traffic lights at intersections etc” You’re saying because there isn’t a perfect solution we shouldn’t even consider a common sense approach. And let’s stop comparing weed and guns. I mean really. When was the last time a lunatic shot up a school using a handful of green stuff....come on...
  5. Trump: Politics for Dummies

    This OP was 100% Flawless victory
  6. Gym help

    How about swimming?
  7. Handguns

    When you’re ready to embrace your inner cowboy...I suggest you get a Henry lever action. The 30-30 shoots like a dream
  8. Hunting Land Lease opportunity?

    Bow, shotgun, rifle
  9. Hunting Land Lease opportunity?

    Sent you a msg
  10. An actual Nazi is a GOP candidate

    people defending the red team by pointing fingers to the Dems is hilarious me.
  11. The Nunes Memo

    Memo is a bad look for the red team
  12. State of the Union

    Easy. You’re fired if you don’t like me