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  1. I’d disagree and say CB has been a need since Norman left. Lattimore would’ve been a great pick for us. I think CMC is a good player....I think he needs to be a slot WR tho. He would be a better version of Wes Welker.
  2. If they knew they were going to use him sparingly...he shouldn’t have been the 8th overall pick. A 4th/5th round RB can get 10 touches a game just fine without sinking that type of investment into that player. The story of CMC’s season just shows how weird this coaching staff is.
  3. Hurney scouting?

    I haven’t seen much focus on destroying the salary cap in here, which is what Hurney did. therefore for me - gman > Hurney
  4. The league has figured out the Shula offense.
  5. He’s a waste of a roster spot. Simple
  6. Remember when Hurney said he wasn’t going to be emotional in his decision making the second time around? the cold hard facts suggest this kicker was really really bad. There’s nothing objective about this signing. It’s a project, repair job this move screams ineptitude on hurney’s part since Butker was a draft pick and we cut him. Butker is a stud and this GM couldn’t recognize that.
  7. It’s time to move on from the Rivera era. It’s old, it’s tired. It has run its course. Time to move on
  8. Why do they not have CMC in as a slot receiver ? He should be on the field 95% of the time
  9. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    What's even worse is that the head coach believes it's an effective offensive system.
  10. Hurney cut the guy Gettleman drafted. It was a no brainer for him Butker has a damn bomb in his foot. The guy is going be the best kicker in the league soon. Hurney sucks. And it sucks for this organization that JR makes warm feel good decisions to bring him back, instead of the cold business choices that the good teams make.
  11. They won't make it to a Super Bowl if he doesn't run. It's what makes him an MVP type player.
  12. Hey guys. I sat up in section 547 last night. I had a real good view to say the least...can someone with a better football mind than my own..please explain our defensive scheme with our zone coverage. I don't know why constantly letting WRs have the space to sit down in their routes helps us... I mean wtf I know Wentz missed some throws but for the most part his night looked effortless. Their WRs had free run and sat down on their routes in those soft spaces. I just don't understand it frankly... Where's the press? Where's the man? It looked like the Eagles secondary were swarming our WRs all night. I mean am I wrong ?
  13. This drove me nuts. You're 100% correct
  14. Has Worley Regressed?

    Not every draft pick is going to be a home run. Worley is just a roster filler right now. We just dont have a #2 opposite of Bradberry.
  15. He has a better chance protecting himself running vs staying in the pocket with our OTs