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  1. They won't make it to a Super Bowl if he doesn't run. It's what makes him an MVP type player.
  2. Hey guys. I sat up in section 547 last night. I had a real good view to say the least...can someone with a better football mind than my own..please explain our defensive scheme with our zone coverage. I don't know why constantly letting WRs have the space to sit down in their routes helps us... I mean wtf I know Wentz missed some throws but for the most part his night looked effortless. Their WRs had free run and sat down on their routes in those soft spaces. I just don't understand it frankly... Where's the press? Where's the man? It looked like the Eagles secondary were swarming our WRs all night. I mean am I wrong ?
  3. This drove me nuts. You're 100% correct
  4. Has Worley Regressed?

    Not every draft pick is going to be a home run. Worley is just a roster filler right now. We just dont have a #2 opposite of Bradberry.
  5. He has a better chance protecting himself running vs staying in the pocket with our OTs
  6. Cam looked like he was tired of not being the playmaker on offense. He balled out today. He's a Ferrari...why go the speed limit...
  7. I've been begging to see Cam run. It energized him today.
  8. It's amazing what a good play caller and a good system can do for a QB Shula is pure trash. You could see a dramatic drop off after the scripted first drive. I wish the offense was focused on first downs Instead of grinding clock and ball control. Great teams move the chains on 1st and 2nd down.
  9. I said in other topics he should be running every game I agree. It would open up the passing game for sure. When Chud was here he was passing all over the place. Those were fun offenses to watch.
  10. Or maybe this is just an 8-8 team this year. Was it actually realistic to expect big things with Cam having no off-season due to a serious injury? They can be a .500 team because of the defense and they play a last place schedule. It takes over a year to recover from a rotator cuff and if Cam can't consistently throw during the practice week...he shouldn't be on the field on sundays.
  11. Have you ever attempted to fix something that's broken in your life? Like a table or a chair ? lol. It's football. We're allowed to over react
  12. I think if this year ends up being a dud, it's time to move on from the Rivera era for sure.
  13. So.... about the offense...

    Chud + 2 really good TEs + Smith + RBs yup
  14. And potentionally in a few years a new Qb. He's not getting any younger cant believe I'm even thinking about it.