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  1. Rubi

    House Intel findings

    If he’s not removed. He will win in 2020 i don’t trust progressives to show up and vote.
  2. Rubi

    Obama criticizes leftists shutdown culture

    Well here at the huddle we shut down bigotry and blatant racist remarks. I’m sure he wouldn’t have an issue with that. Do you Harambe, have any disagreement with calling out hateful speech?
  3. The right answer was side with your country and not a foreign dictator. How fuging hard is that to grasp?
  4. Rubi

    How long will it take?

    The summit may as well been a gay porno with that amount of dick sucking by Donnie
  5. Rubi

    New Face of Democratic Party

    @bull123 dont let the door hit you in your micro penis on the way out !!
  6. Rubi

    New Face of Democratic Party

    bull123 with some bullshit ass thread. Why even waste your time doing this? Dumb