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  1. We all know it speaks for itself. Next
  2. Sometimes you just can’t overcome the bonehead stuff. The drops, penalties, missed tackles etc. Cam and CMC can only do so much
  3. When is Curtis expected back?
  4. I’ve never seen any professional game where players paid millions of dollars to catch the football literally can’t catch
  5. Part of the reason they traded KB was because of Funchess’ development. To me Funchess is an NFL starter at this stage in his career. I don’t think he’s a dominant first team all pro, but he’s a starting caliber player.
  6. Cam has never been the problem This year it’s health
  7. Rubi

    Trump vs the truth/reality

    People have to show up and vote. All there is to it to remove this nightmare from office.
  8. Rubi

    Duck and Geese hunting

    There are outfitters in NC that you can pay for the day to take you on duck/goose hunts
  9. Rubi

    Deion Jones placed on IR

    Just in time for week 2 vs The Good Guys 8-)
  10. Rubi

    Olsen & Thomas

    Boot and crutches. He gone
  11. Byrd just isn’t durable enough I’m afraid. An exciting player in space. But he just gets punished when he takes contact.
  12. Rubi

    Trident Panthers morning got off to a bad start

    Great video of @Trident Panther getting owned
  13. Rubi

    “Pass it and then figure out how to fund it"

    Next thing you know, @Trident Panther will be demanding pee pee pictures to compare himself to. Or pics of our gfs and wives.
  14. Rubi

    “Pass it and then figure out how to fund it"

    You sure it wasn’t his big ass wallet ?