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  1. This team is fortunate that Anderson was signed. It would’ve been bad news to put the load on CMC or CAP
  2. Rubi

    Fascist Media Control

    Wtf is this lol
  3. Rubi

    Fascist Media Control

    What fake news ?
  4. Rubi

    Curtis Samuel ....

    I haven’t seen anything regarding DJ’s frame that would limit his ability to run the route tree. His college production/combine = high level athlete.
  5. Rubi

    Curtis Samuel ....

    The drafting of DJ Moore and signing Smith shows what they think about Samuel IMO
  6. And so it shall be done Lord Commander
  7. Some guys here would sell their souls if it meant watching their team win the SB guys who want incognito on this team really need some life perspective.
  8. Rubi

    Tepper speaks at Carnegie Mellon

    Like we wake up in 3-4 years and the team is moving
  9. You literally tried saying Dems would defend Obama not matter what even if he acted like trump...... absolutely not. Just for example in what world do you think Dems would be ok with Obama, let’s say if he mocked a specially challenged reporter at a rally..... You ignored that point entirely in my response to you. Anyways..moving on
  10. The difference is that the sante fe kid didn’t throw vodka and beer at people. He shot bullets at them.
  11. Let’s throw in French fries and cheeseburgers and high cholesterol that cause heart disease. See how this type of reasoning doesn’t make sense when it comes to regulating weapons ?
  12. I explained why. Our gun laws are also pathetic compared to our traffic and alcohol laws.
  13. Studies have also shown that the majority of the gun violence in Chicago comes from guns that were purchased in red states (example Indiana). A lot of Chicago guns are smuggled across state lines. So one could argue if red states could clean up their own backyard, maybe Chicago would be a better place.
  14. A bottle of beer can’t shoot and kill dozens of people from a hotel window down on to a concert crowd in Las Vegas. I think we have to stop using this type of blanket logic when looking at the issue of guns. It’s on an island completely on its own.