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  1. I guess we'll see huh? Dallas took the risk and gave him every opportunity (more than he deserved even) to get it all back. Hardy blew it big time and they got burnt. Every GM in the league saw that, you think they're going to ignore that? You think they should? How many second chances should a guy get?
  2. This thread is horrible, your posting is bad, and you should feel bad. ESPN took a hit by giving him air time, Hardy took a bigger hit by continuing to show that he hasn't learned his lesson and he hasn't changed his tune. The man will not play football in the NFL again. So it's not you who's wrong, it's the rest of the world? Good luck feeling aggrieved and indignant, just please don't keep telling us what you think about it.
  3. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Everyone in here talking about guaranteed compensation picks need to understand that in order to qualify a team needs to lose more FAs to other teams than they sign from other teams. We've had three guys sign with other teams and we've signed Soliai and Boykin. So if we sign a vet FA to cover the hole JNo left, at that point we no longer qualify for a compensation pick... What I'm saying is it's by no means guaranteed at this point.
  4. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Err we play them on a MNF game
  5. For Fuch's Sake

    So salty. So, so salty. It'll be funny to see these guys in Europe. oh also, in regards to this guys want to be a kicker... not likely to say the least.
  6. Current Panther roster

    Well I scrapped it now, but basically have need at SS & P, and a quality TE2 would be really nice. We need depth at OT, DT (3-tech) & CB. And we should be looking out for the future at C, OT x2, CB, RB & P/KR. We will draft BPA as we should: "Build through the draft fix through FA". I believe this is a team set for sustained future success and this is a time of immense optimism and happiness.
  7. Current Panther roster

    I was writing a reply, but then you said everything I was going to.
  8. Sports Authority at Mile High

    I don't want to be in any way condescending but I'm honestly curious to hear why you think it would be unethical for the stadium to accept money from a marijuana dispensary for naming rights.
  9. Why do people think that starting a Left Tackles career at Right Tackle is a good idea? Guys who are good on the left probably aren't good on the right and vice versa.
  10. Saints have $1.298M million in cap space (updated)

    That and you can't re-sign all your core players when their contracts come up.
  11. Coples to Rams

    Not hot on the idea. Their opinions of Coples cooled. They no longer really wanted him, especially at the money he was asking. (That's the implications of "Panthers were lukewarm on him", not anything I know or have any other evidence for.)
  12. Cam Newton's 1969 Chevelle

    I noticed that Cam blacked out his license plate on his Instagram post... not so much the guys showing off the custom work they did for him. Then again, I suppose a car that individualised is going to be easy to spot on the roads.
  13. Two years, $4M. I'm happy.
  14. Dude I'd be tempted to take this bet. It'll certainly be more than $20M/year. He's a lot better than Kirk Cousins. The QB market is insane right now because there are so few options. I can't imagine it'd change much next year. I just thank Christ we have Getts on the job and he locked up Cam (and DA) at a bargain price.
  15. Josh Norman promises he won't hold out...

    Like you said nothing's been made public, so this is all make believe to a certain extent. But I get the feeling that the sticking point is the length of the contract as much as the money. I think JNo wants top (not necessarily top 5) CB money and a 4 - 5 year deal. I'm not so sure Getts is willing to sign more than a 2 - 3 year deal at top money without some easy to get away from years after that which JNo wouldn't like.