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  1. Made even better by the fact they TRADED UP to get him... as if another team was going to pick a kicker in the second.
  2. Ron Rivera's office

    I saw the photo album / whatever on this morning, but I just had a thought now: I thought Ron's office was down near the locker room now? Given the view in that first photo this looks like it's at least one floor off the ground and doesn't seem like it would be near the locker room. Huh.
  3. Brandon Boykin to visit Falcons

    I would need that coupled with bad CB play by our rookies. Come at me bro.
  4. Saints stealing ideas from The Huddle

    How the hell does Loomis think they're going to pay for these guys??!!?? Already $17M over the cap, expected to be $5.6M over with their 51+draft.
  5. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    I wonder how much of that is because he's been with our coaches as opposed to the Sooners coaches?
  6. Great work KB_Fan My only query is whether the focus on TE is really a great shock? All I've been hearing all offseason (mostly from Igo admittedly) was that TE #2 was a major focus. Bringing in 3 TEs after drafting one might be more than we were expecting, but I've been totally underwhelmed by Williams over the last two years, Dickson was never great and is getting older & I'm not sure how much Simonson was going to show after being cut and then re-signed to the practice squad. It had been in my mind that apart from Olsen there was no certainty that the other 3 TEs would be back this year. In fact to be honest, right now I'm hoping it will be Olsen, Beau & 1 or 2 of the new rookies that make the 53, because that should mean we've had real progress at that position and can get back to seeing more 2 TE sets. And getting harder... It's always bittersweet to have to cut good players who could easily start on other teams in the league. It's something we're going to see more and more often, that and well liked players leaving for starting roles when their contract ends. Which could explain some of the focus in LB? I think AJ and possibly even Mayo (eventually) might not be content with Special Teams and relying on injury to get playing time. Especially when they see twice a year what teams like the Falcons put on the field.
  7. Panthers Release Boykin

    So I don't really want to add to this... but I need to point out that people worrying about the fact that Gettleman gave a man a $80K signing bonus and then cut him before he got on the practice field need to realise that you're talking about 0.05% of the years salary cap. I'm not talking about the fact you've already signed him, have room under the 90 man limit and probably should have at least gotten pads on all these CBs before cutting anyone. Just saying that complaining about the $80K is ridiculous. I assume that cutting him now was about doing the right thing by Boykin after we signed him to a one year prove-it deal and then totally changed the situation at that position. But that seems far too considerate of a professional football player's feelings in a situation that's way too likely to change (performance/injury/development). I tell you what the next media person to get an interview with Gettleman is going to get a massive spike in readership/viewers/listeners.
  8. Braxton Deaver and the #89

    I was going to write in my last comment that it's the people on the edge of football clubs that put in incredible effort and time for relatively small return, doing it mostly out of love for the place that give it soul and make it more than just a franchise or an organisation. Usually people you would never think about or see and yet they can be some of the most important.
  9. Braxton Deaver and the #89

    Ha, that's awesome.
  10. It's only offseason so whatever, who cares... but this is relevant to Carolina how? Read the title, my brain swapped Lawson for Thompson and I just about hit the ceiling before I realised who this was about.
  11. Braxton Deaver and the #89

    Thinking about this I realised it would probably be Ricky Proehl who would step in if it was anyone.
  12. DG wouldn't ever get the chance to consider it. The Big Cat would never allow it. Ever. No question. This forum has been over this crap topic again and again and again... ESPN took a hit by giving him air time, Hardy took a bigger hit by continuing to show that he hasn't learned his lesson and he hasn't changed his tune. The man will not play football in the NFL again. So it's not you who's wrong, it's the rest of the world? Good luck feeling aggrieved and indignant, just please don't keep telling us what you think about it. I guess we'll see huh? Dallas took the risk and gave him every opportunity (more than he deserved even) to get it all back. Hardy blew it big time and they got burnt. Every GM in the league saw that, you think they're going to ignore that? You think they should? How many second chances should a guy get? Seriously you guys need to let it go. Hardy WILL NOT PLAY AGAIN. Move on.
  13. Braxton Deaver and the #89

    Who's call would it be to stop him from taking 89 if he wants it? I doubt JR would be that hands on to be in the know before it happened. Getts has a policy of not being concerned about "players of other teams" and I doubt he feels that much about Smitty that he would interject. Ron? Maybe, I guess. Doubt it though. So if the rookie wanted #89 who's call would it be to stop him?
  14. I don't think it was a bad contract from Washington (assuming he continues his high level of play of the last season and a half). I truly think this was a win-win-win, close to best situation for all sides of the deal. Josh gets his big pay day and his family is set for life, Washington turn one of their weaknesses into a relative strength and we get money to splash around the roster to keep and extend more impactful (in our system) players that we might have otherwise had to let "graduate" (assuming the rookies and remaining CBs can pick up the slack enough that it's not a problem).
  15. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    Massive conversation on this in the Draft Pick thread that went 38 pages. From that thread two comments I made was: Basically "rotational" is not only "depth" you need at least 4 DTs as "starters", we should roll with 5 on gamedays.