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  1. Keep Pounding Drum

    I would have preferred: Coach Braylon, Coach DeHaven, or KB. Still, not a bad choice.
  2. This is quite possibly the most epic picture of Rivera..

    I assume the answer to my question was then:  "Well JR won the NFL Championship before the leagues merged, not the Super Bowl. But no, no other owner played and won a Championship/Super Bowl. That as unique to Carolina as having a mascot with a stat line."   To which I say; awesome.
  3. Practice

    we started a day earlier than them though. we were back at it on the Tuesday after the NFCCG, they didn't return til the Wednesday.
  4. This is quite possibly the most epic picture of Rivera.. their another owner in the history of the NFL that ever won a Superbowl as a player?
  5. Cam Defenders

    I wasn't suggesting that, I was hoping to get an idea of what sort of criticism of Cam you had, or you had seen, that you thought was being unfairly derided as being racist or just hating on Cam. But seeing how you've ignored some posts and the way you responded to others, you don't seem to actually HAVE any valid criticisms of Cam. You just seem to be upset that SOME criticism of Cam has been shouted down. Which confuses me. What confuses me more is your argument that IF Cam fails in the future you want to be able to criticise him then? If any player or coach fails in the future then they will be criticised. Just as other players (including your example, Kaepernick) and coaches have been criticised in the past. As a result of this thread however, I just think you've been whinging for the sake of whinging.
  6. Cam Defenders

    Can you give me an example (including context) of criticism of Cam you think is valid that has been unfairly derided as racist or being purely hating on Cam?
  7. There's probably a good reason, but why not include the 'Canes on that?
  8. If you're not following the Panthers on snapchat...

    Pretty sure there's a few twenty-somethings that run the different Panthers social media accounts. Coaches daughter Courtney is one of them. I believe her roomates/friends/softball teammates are also involved.
  9. Wow Josh Norman and Deion have heat

    NFL video: "Norman hashes out Odell beef with Deion Sanders"
  10. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    meh I wouldn't say it was worth it, just read the highlights and summaries like this thread etc. videos will come up on the net over night too.   Also, fug Sanders for getting JNo to talk about that LIVE on National TV in front of a million reporters. Lucky he didn't catch a JNo backhand to go along with.
  11. Davis - Get to the ball with bad intentions

    That was understood.
  12. Davis - Get to the ball with bad intentions

    I like watching CJ... he goes from trying to get to the tackle to reacting to TDs hit and I can almost hear it.
  13. Why Dave Gettleman isn't GM of the Giants

    How've the Giants been going with Jerry Reese? We won out on this one in a big way.
  14. Lmfao Rodney Harrison

    Seriously Harrison sucks at his job.
  15. NFL's Sound FX NFCCG

    BA. "I don't understand this." That was pretty obvious during the game too.