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  1. Unbelievable play calling really. Zero adjustment when you are getting your butts spanked by their d-line and run up the middle for no gain or loss on every first down play.
  2. Another wasted down. Wtf is wrong with Shula?
  3. If we win Ealy's the mvp
  4. The should just take a knee on first down so they don't risk the fumble.
  5. Can't catch anything really
  6. Ahh. Haven't seen it. Nice catch by brown
  7. Hum....that was the Japanese. But point made
  8. Well, no more challenges. D has to make this pay off
  9. Two weeks off. Need a big defensive series and the offense will get their momentum
  10. Help my superstitious mind....

    I ordered papa johns pizza...and then it hit me. I'm going to eat it crust first.
  11. Why the Cardinals Lost

    They lost because they got the best team in the nfl in their faces for four quarters. It was a beautiful thing.
  12. We should have a thread for "whiners" so they could watch the game and make comments about problems they see and discuss them and we could have a non "whiner" thread where everybody else could go and and type Whooo! Go Panthers Go! We the best man. Fug them Redbirds.
  13. Not I. Read the post you quoted me on.
  14. Nitpicking??? I don't think Rivera needs to be fired but I do know that there is a majorproblem with the way these games are managed with a lead. They have held on for the wins this year but thishas been going on for years in Carolina and is the 5th or so time this season. With the talent on this team they should be the no brainer pick for the Super Bowl but with the way the games are managed...who the hell knows.