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  1. hepcat added a post in a topic Preseason Game 3 Thread: Patriots vs Panthers 730 P.M. General thoughts, previews, etc in here   

    Corey Brown is a real concern.  Can hit him right in the hands, too easy 
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  2. hepcat added a post in a topic why your team sucks: panthers (2015)   

    The comments were way better than the article itself. And who the fug was that guy wearing the Panthers The Golden Calf of Bristol jersey?  Was it that Bleacher Report guy who said if Cam was still the Panthers starting QB in 2016 and The Golden Calf of Bristol wasn't that he'd wear a Cam Newton jersey on the 50 yard line?
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  3. hepcat added a post in a topic Had we known we could get Wegher as UDFA do we spend 5th on Artis-Payne?   

    No. You draft the player you want. Panthers were lucky to get Wegher, and he still probably won't make the roster.
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  4. hepcat added a post in a topic Roaring Riot/Huddle Tailgate News...it finally happened!!!   

    Congrats bro!  I will vicariously be living out my dream of performing at the Huddle tailgate through you hahahah
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  5. hepcat added a post in a topic This fuggin guy....   

    Three things that need to happen for him to get a Pro Bowl nod.  
    1) Carolina needs to have a winning record and make the playoffs
    2) A bio/news story on him by a national media outlet
    3) A skill position player from Carolina's offense also makes the Pro Bowl 
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  6. hepcat added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    How to reduce the number of ACL injuries, without changing the preseason
    A decent article from Bleacher Report?  Yea, I know right...this one is pretty good.  Makes me wonder if any of these research and training techniques are implemented by the Panthers, especially after dealing with Thomas Davis's three ACL tears.
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  7. hepcat added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    For someone with "Panthers" right in their fuging username he sure does crap on the Panthers a lot.
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  8. hepcat added a post in a topic Jonathan Martin had many problems   

    I have to think that an organization valued at over $1 Billion Dollars (Carolina Panthers) has to have a pretty damn good EAP.  Martin should have taken advantage, maybe he still can.
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  9. hepcat added a post in a topic Is Matt Willig the best Panther turned actor ever?   

    No one EXPECTED that game, but no one was surprised either.  Delhomme had the ability to be freaking awesome or downright awful, we all knew that.  The offense had Steve Smith, Deangelo Williams, Jordan Gross all in their primes.  Defense still had Peppers, Chris Gamble, and Beason all in their primes as well.  That was one of the most complete teams the Panthers ever had.  My point is you just don't give a 34 year old QB coming off the worst game of his life a contract extension...especially when he was still under contract.  
    Panthers needed to be looking towards the future right then instead of investing in past success, which is exactly the reason Hurney isn't the GM anymore.
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  10. hepcat added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Does Charles Tillman have a chance at Comeback Player of the Year?
    Over the past two seasons, Charles "Peanut" Tillman has played in only 10 games.  He tore his triceps muscle both times. If he plays the whole year and is anywhere close to regaining his previous form, does he have a chance?  There are some solid candidates this year for the award: Eric Berry, Sam Bradford, and Navorro Bowman to name a few.  
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  11. hepcat added a post in a topic CJ, and Funchess Participated in some Team Drills, Brandon Williams full participant today   

    We need to have a "Best of" part of the huddle.  There are some CLASSIC threads I would love to revisit
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  12. hepcat added a post in a topic Is Matt Willig the best Panther turned actor ever?   

    Don't get me wrong I love me some Jake (still have his jersey) but it was clear that he wasn't what he used to be at that point (and at age 34 no less).
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  13. hepcat added a post in a topic Is Matt Willig the best Panther turned actor ever?   

    The answer is Delhomme because he acted like a good enough QB to fool the gullible Marty Hurney into giving him a massive contract extension after a 6 turnover playoff game
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  14. hepcat added a post in a topic Mike Shula not worried about slow starts   

    He should be worried about his job but somehow he keeps sticking around...
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