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  1. Falcons out here reaching for a safety and paying Sanu texas$$$ Saints trying to break the bank for Josh Norman as if they are one player away. Tampa trading UP for a kicker in the 2nd round. what a time to be alive
  2. Arian Foster?

    would make for a killer backfield in the football game which shall not be named
  3. Senor Scot has been mighty loose lately. inb4 superbowl
  4. Give me your porch drinkin' songs

    First song that comes to mind I've been digging these song lately as well
  5. Whatever it takes to make people happy in The Sphinc. but srsly this is a great idea
  6. Panthers Release Boykin

  7. Panthers Release Boykin

    What the fugs ever. Boykin was signed when there was great uncertainty in the secondary. Then the draft came and a few bupbupbups later there are three shiny new players in the secondary. Ride or die. At least now Boykin has plenty of time to sign to another team.
  8. Panthers Release Boykin

    Bruh they could hav just giving me $80k and saved the trouble come on Dave smh
  9. Sometimes guys just slip through for whatever reason. Antonio Brown is arguably the best WR in the league and he nearly went undrafted (6th round). Victor Cruz was once a top five WR, and he was undrafted. Arian Foster was the best RB in the league at one point, undrafted. Who knows, in a couple of years Garrett could be a top 5 WR. It's been done before.
  10. has anyone said "he wasn't drafted for a reason" yet?
  11. Captain America: Civil War

    I read somewhere that the Russo's plan to rename "Avengers IW: Pt1 and 2" because they view them as two distinct movies, so it won't be a part one and part two. The first one is supposed to be Thanos-centric, which will lead into the next one in which every hero in the MCU will team up to defeat the mad titan. So, you'll probably get your wish in a way.
  12. X-Men Apocalypse

    I thought this was an interesting take on Stark's actions in CW: "Remember, all of this begins with Alfre Woodard at MIT, showing Tony a picture of her dead son - a son who is even older than Peter Parker. It’s the death of this innocent that starts Stark on a path towards the airport battle, one where he has no compunction against bringing another young innocent into harm’s way. Tony hasn’t learned a lesson, he’s just feeling crushed by personal guilt. The fact that he recruits 15 year old Peter Parker to fight Captain America only proves that Tony Stark is looking at the Sokovia Accords as a way of taking responsibility and guilt from his own shoulders. He's cutting the wire, not laying himself down on it, to go back to Tony and Cap's first argument way back in The Avengers. He's not interested in taking responsibility. He wants to shrug it off onto someone else. This is vital for the balance of the film. Cap’s position is a little more vague than Tony’s - he’s arguing for larger concepts of freedom while Tony is arguing for nuts and bolts regulations that answer specific incidents and problems. Logically it’s hard to fault where Tony Stark is coming from, and emotionally it’s easier to be on Cap’s side (he’s trying to protect his best friend). By having Tony make this mistake the film undercuts his own position, bringing the two sides into closer balance in our minds. And that balance, I believe, is everything for this film - you should be able to argue passionately (and correctly) in favor of both Team Cap and Team Stark."