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  1. Hotels in Charlotte

    The location is fugging prime (aside from the loud music at night).
  2. Hotels in Charlotte

    Hahaha I forgot, their bar/lounge area was pretty cool looking. Good place to party
  3. Hotels in Charlotte

    Yeah that bar is awesome. I wasn't sure if nonguests can go up there.
  4. Hotels in Charlotte

    Dude no, I always wanted to stay there and check it out. And honestly after the Super Bowl sleeping wasn't going to happen anyway. Aloft would be perfect if you're partying at epicenter bars all night.
  5. SI article on Keyarris Garrett

    Look at what Philly Brown has been able to do here as an UDFA. The thought of lining up 6'5 Benjamin, 6'5 Funchess and 6'4 Good luck DBs.
  6. Hotels in Charlotte

    The Marriot at City Center is a nice, clean hotel in a great location. I would never pay the full price over at the Ritz, but I would recommend hitting up their bar for a late night drink. I wouldn't recommend ALOFT at epicenter. They give you ear plugs because you can hear the thump of the Epicenter clubs all night.
  7. she looks like the Yellow King from true detective
  8. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Love the idea of using him in "joker" or "money" packages. He seems to have a feel for getting to the ball carrier behind the line of scrimmage; he also had nine forced fumbles in three seasons at Duke. At the absolute minimum he should be upgrade on special teams. Best case he is Tyrann Mathieu-lite wreaking havoc all over the field in a couple years.
  9. how do i change my user name

    Maybe I dunno
  10. For anyone uninterested in the fifth round...

    I'm pretty sure you cannot trade comp picks.
  11. MVP Posts

    I can't wait to reverse the translation so I can understand what Cam is writing.
  12. MVP Posts

  13. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    *insert crying Jordan on DA*
  14. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    dude said "get back to me when they have back to back winning seasons" lol three straight division championships gtfo