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  1. potential 2nd / 3rd rounder for us

    We need a stud pass rusher and another corner.. Not sure if we need another wide out.
  2. Arian Foster Released

    Are u joking ? Haha
  3. ADD A TE?

    Jared cook would be awesome with our already large wideouts and tight ends
  4. Better know a prospect - Kevin Dodd

    igo are you gonna do a mock?
  5. SB Hangover gone for me...

    We're on to Houston 51!
  6. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    And keep ginn? Could be interesting
  7. Boldin is a free agent

    He does have good hands
  8. Look who I found trolling Cam's MVP article

    I knew we would find him ... Let's get him back on the huddle.. Some of the greatest stuff came from us messing with him
  9. Deangelo Williams picks....

    He acts like a 14 year old in this clip
  10. your prediction...the first fight in practice

    DW looks like a legit tough guy (Can't wait to see him a norwell maul people this season)
  11. your prediction...the first fight in practice

    First thing that came to me also
  12. Players, Role Models, Fathers

    In the picture beside kalil it looks like he has added some muscle
  13. Dear NFL: Bring Back the Fullback

    I love the old school I formation .. Always have