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  1. Well, this escalated quickly...

    I live on the beach around some of the best looking women in the world... He lives in a dessert with meth heads .. I guess I can see why he is bitter.
  2. Are you a real Carolina fan, or a 2016 Carolina fan?

    I'm 28 and I have loved as soon as  found out we we're getting a team.. i havent missed watching a game live for as long as I can remember, I've missed wedding funerals family family plans our family stuff around the panthers schedule. im pretty sure I haven't missed a game since the late ninties. 
  3. Oh David, David, David

    Not sure why espn can't give us a reporter who actually knows football and the panthers 
  4. Worries about Arizona

    Green Bay pressured Palmer all night .. Our front seven is far better than there's so that makes me feel good 
  5. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I loved the panthers from day one.. There like family to me. If my wife wasn't a panthers fan I wouldn't have married her.
  6. Arians looking like a genius tanking for the 2 seed..

    Last time I'm gonna say it.. This is fat Alice.. 100%
  7. Clowney

    Let's see if they would take bersin straight up
  8. USAToday Not Convinced - Trend Continues

    We won't get the respect we deserve until we win the big game .. Hopefully this is our year
  9. Sunday Jan 17 1:00

    Y'all have one.. So I guess that's cool
  10. Last Hype Vid...

    The new xmen movie apocalypse 
  11. Riverboat Ron guy has a new video -NSFW

    Where in nc is this guy from kinda looked like some of this was From my hometown, wilmington 
  12. D. Williams needs to start at right tackle.. Addison and ealy need to be our primary pass rushers