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  1. Hardy 911 call

    Just curious where you stood when Steve Smith was beating the crap out of fellow teammates? Yet he is all over your signature now....bandwagon much???
  2. Hardy 911 call

    I had a black neighbor once...before they got foreclosed on....so I'm good right?
  3. Hardy 911 call

    Exactly. The magistrate/judge has no choice but to set a court date once the evidence is brought before the court by the arresting officers. It is now the states job to prove Hardy is guilty.
  4. Hardy 911 call

    The 911 tape is clear. One simple question. Why is she standing inside the apartment blocking the door for 3.42 minutes trying to come after Hardy while he is on the phone with 911, rather than fleeing from the dangerous attacker?
  5. Greg Hardy Arrested

    If she went bat poo crazy....Hardy should have ran away...not restrained her. I do not understand why these guys can not get this through their heads....they have tons of people coaching them on how to respond to this situation. Hardy has NO right to touch the woman unless she is threatening deadly force and he has no other choice. Deadly force would be a knife or gun and blocking him from the door leaving him no other choice but to defend himself.
  6. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Yeah...that was not planned well.....looks scary as hell walking out too....24 hour cool off may not have been enough....
  7. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Three speeding tickets are all I see on this guy.....does he have a history?
  8. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Ehhh....not really....it's based on conflicting reports. The physical evidence points to restraint, not body slams and strangling.
  9. Greg Hardy Arrested

    I'm not suggesting any theories, but commenting on the reports I read. One talks about scratches and bruises and restraining the lady. One says Hardy thrown her down on a tub, futon and then strangled her. In my opinion, if a 100 lbs woman is thrown on a tub and futon and then strangled by a 260 or 290 lbs and he is saying he is going to kill her, then the woman would be seriously injured. The first story about scratches and bruising via restraint correlates more with what actual injuries have been reported. But, again, who knows for sure.
  10. Greg Hardy Arrested

    It means alot. If she was "setting" this up for a payday, she would have called, not Hardy. Furthermore, if Hardy wanted to hurt this woman, she would be hospitalized. This was a drunk altercation where Hardy screwed up and put his hands on a woman... Agents tell players to run away from the conflict and do not restrain or touch the other person.
  11. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Well. If a 290 lbs millionaire assaults you....then you have every right to sue his ass! Hardy is a dummy for not running out of the house when things turned south.
  12. Greg Hardy Arrested

    The key to this story is....Hardy called 911. If she wanted to get paid, she would have called 911 and she would have gone directly to the hospital. It is apparent that they were drunk and had an altercation. Hardy should have ran out of the house and ran far away from this woman rather than trying to restrain or remove her from his home. It is a tough lesson for him.
  13. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Bruises indicate physical contact. The guy stated you can be arrested for domestic violence without physical contact. Whether the contact was done by the defendant or not is a total different statement. The fact is, the police need 1 of 3 things to make an arrest for domestic violence, that does not mean the defendant actually committed the crime, only that evidence indicates a crime has been committed and the police believe the defendant was the one who committed it. 1. Physical evidence. IE Bruising 2. Witness. IE someone saw the physical contact 3. Admission IE he defendant admitted to the assault That is all. Sucks that a man or woman would go to the police and show bruising and claim you did that to them and I know it happens. The part that really sucks are the men or women that are too scared to report the crimes and endure years of abuse.....too many times the abuse has turned mental and causes the victim to fear consequences.
  14. Greg Hardy Arrested

    If that happened....the chick would be dead or hospitalized.....scratches and bruising do not correlate with this description.
  15. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Kerry Collins was forced by friends and family to stop going out and getting piss drunk....saved his career.