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  1. Interesting Stats

    Your buddha looks gold.
  2. Well, gee. If only someone in charge could make that happen.
  3. I couldn't go that long.
  4. Water. Or did you mean during the game? In that case...
  5. So, I wonder how long you have to wait to start watching a recorded event. If it's in progress then that may be okay.
  6. So, everyone just has to guess at their blocking assignments?
  7. Yeah, well Gettleman doesn't..... Oh wait..... Whoops
  8. Sorry but you get poo for this. Giving a latte for football? No!
  9. San Fran - What do you know...

    Nothing. Pretty much like you, apparently.
  10. Panthers Practice Squad List

    Hell to the yeah!
  11. We did. His name is Christian McCaffrey.