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  1. He's trading the next 3 years 1st round picks to move up and take Barkley. #vintage
  2. TD Last Season 2018 Per Rappaport

    It would be really cool if Peppers and Kalil would say the same thing and we could give them all a proper send off, without having to make any 'difficult choices' .
  3. Random Norv Stuff

    Yeah, I read. Just joking really.
  4. I keep seeing that but don't really agree. Most elite coaches love to work. If they don't have a job right now, they are going to turn down a possible opportunity to coach this year because they might have to look for another job next year or the year after? If they're good and know it, they know somebody will hire them then too if it happens.
  5. No but I don't waste their time either, if I already know the answer.
  6. That is kind of what I was thinking about last night. Cam deserves the best QUALIFIED QB coach they can bring in, not some son of a nepotist.
  7. If that's the case, why come at all? If he's so out of touch that he didn't know about the ownership situation and Hurney, we definitely don't want him.
  8. Random Norv Stuff

    Quitting is never and option. Unless you're coaching for the Vikings.
  9. Not sure what to take from that article. That game was week 14 of the season. Did it take him that long to figure out he needed to adjust for Bridgewater?
  10. Zero Percent

    Because we think it applies here, even if that's incorrect.
  11. Zero Percent

    Yeah. Rooney rule is the reason it took time. We knew his stubbornness, right along with his wife.
  12. No takebacks Ron. Can't bring Shula back if Norv decided to go elsewhere. I'm not upset, if it's Norv but I'd be fine if he goes elsewhere and it forces Ron to think outside the box. Or at least closer to the edge of the box.
  13. May depend on who is willing to open their check book wider.