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  1. Panthers Full Games Footage for Future Videos

    PMs are a perfect venue for that. :)
  2. Panthers Full Games Footage for Future Videos

      How do I go about doing that?
  3. Panthers Full Games Footage for Future Videos

      Thanks for the reply.  If I can find a way to move those files to a computer, or find someone who can, I'll definitely hit you up in pm.  
  4. Anyone know where I can get high def videos of full Carolina Panthers games this season for the production of montages to our killer run this season?  Not going to lie, I've been slacking, and the torrents to most of these have dried up.  If anyone has any other channels, private torrents, mIRC channels, or other avenues where I could find the raw game footage to make these videos... Feel free to PM me.  I know throwing "underground" channels out in public eye isn't always the best idea. :P Thanks!  Looking forward to bringing you guys more productions this year.
  5. New Panthers Video

    Been extremely busy for the past few years, and it takes something special to inspire me to put together a video in a single night... but the signature win over the Seahawks did it for me.  One of the most enthralling games I've seen in years... It had attitude, it had physicality, it had offense, defense, and all the drama including a build up and heart pounding finish.  No way I could ever capture all of that emotion and intensity, but I gave it my best effort and hope I did some amount of justice to capturing our "getting over the hump, and surpassing big brother" moment.   We're now 6-0 for the first time in history, and I truly hope that game launched us into what is sure to be a special season for us!  Eagles fell swiftly afterwards, Colts are next!  Goldberg style! Keep pounding!   Carolina Panthers vs. Seattle Seahawks 2015 (New Era Nemesis Falls)