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  1. Lil Dicky - Mean Guys

    Good stuff. That was funny
  2. Just gained a ton of respect for Drew Rosenhaus

    So which one is mommy? Or does it really matter? If Drew really wanted someone to comment on the new baby he really should have taken a picture of JUST the baby. Good lawd!
  3. Outside of the Panthers and Seahawks the rest of the list is garbage. Texans #4 really? They drafted JJ Watt the past 5 years and that is pretty much it. The teams that actually win games should be at the top. Denver ranked in the middle of the pack and even mention their core was drafted.
  4. So, would you rather...

    Stout dLine any and every day. You can game plan for one person but not an entire dLine. Josh is good but he is not going to be able to cover someone for 5 seconds with a weak dLine.
  5. Sideswiped

    Josh got that all wrong. The Redskins quite in the 3rd quarter. He has to admit the 75 million payday is why is signed the with Redskins. He was signing to the highest bidder regardless of the team. Don't fault him that though.
  6. Why is it different for him?

    Funny pic if you ask me.
  7. #30. Not sure why but 30 popped into my head.
  8. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    Get Wallace on the cheap then sure. But look what Camdid with our current set of WR's and we get Benji back.If Gettleman makes a splash in FA it will DE or oline. It all starts up front with the offense and defense and personally that is where I like to see an investment. Changes will be made to the secondary for sure but will not spend a lot. More money will be invested up front.
  9. How Many of You Will Attend the Super Bowl 50?

    My wife and I are going. I told her after 03 I am going to the Super Bowl when the Panthers get in. I neglected to pay the high tickets prices for the playoffs anticipating the Panthers will make it to the big game. Welp... They are in and I got everything booked on Monday. We are super stoked. Staying near the SFO airport so looking to take Uber to the game on Sunday.
  10. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Made up for the missed PI on Davis