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  1. Dillon Taylor fatal shooting

    ​You've obviously never used a taser before. Tasers incapacitate probably only 2/3's of the time due to shot placement, lead spread, drugs, body fat etc. Showing up to a gun call with a taser is a quick way to retirement.
  2. Bergdahl to be charged with desertion

    That would be a tough position. Considering he is charged with desertion and was not captured, that makes it a lot easier.
  3. As a Marine this statement makes you look like a very little person.
  4. Sure this point has been beat to death, but the "radical" Muslims are the non-violent ones if they claim to actually be devout followers of their religious texts.
  5. So now your comparing me to a Nazi soldier? If you're so ashamed of this country then get out, simple as that. The USA greedy ? We lead the world in humanitarian efforts. Low health standards? I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else if I had to have medical procedures done, but I'm sure you would right? Subsidies for unhealthy foods, name some please. Genetically modified foods are poisonous? Let me guess you eat only the food out of your garden and free range chickens. YOU are what's wrong with this nation, walking around with a smirk on your face because you went to college and have all the answers and think that everybody else is a bunch of redneck backwards nationalists. This isn't an angry rant, it's just that I'm tired of this trend where it's cool to poo on American sensationalism.
  6. "Ashamed to be an American." And to think that I served so you can say that. Gtfo
  7. Now this is what real recovery looks like. AMIRIGHT