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  1. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    I pretty much agree with your assessment on the military. I think I’m just trying to rationalize things, but it’s not working. Rationalizing things is dangerous.
  2. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    People in the military aren’t all bad. misguided? For sure. Bad, a bunch are and a bunch are a’ight. But to say the military is defending our nation is a large stretch. Today’s military is NOT defending our country. We are oppressing people, destroying sovereign nations, engaging in illegal invasions and giving people an excuse to hate us more than they already do. If you join, you sure as poo aren’t an automatic hero of the nation, nor do you deserve respect just for the fact that you joined the military. I don’t even think you should get a discount at Denny’s, but whatevs, not gonna make a fuss about it. When I meet someone new and ask them what they do, and they tell me, “I work at Best Buy” I respond with a “thank you for your service.” They get just as confused as I get when people blindly say that to the troops. I come from a military family and live in a city highly influenced by the military (Navy and Marines). Most of these shucks are just misguided kids, and like any other profession, they don’t get any exaltation from me unless they earn it by demonstrating that they’re a good human being. Cops are all pigs tho. And I’m not sure how I feel about MPs.
  3. so uh what's up with all these bombings in austin?

    Brb gonna YouTube carman now. I’ll pray for you.
  4. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    That was a Saha rant but without the pedo undertones.
  5. Rookies are usually already factored in to that number Shep cut would be a tick above 2M (dead money)
  6. Willson needs to charge his phone
  7. Another school shooting this am

    This is so sad and so very discouraging.
  8. Trump’s opioid crisis

    The war on drugs is the dumbest war we’re engaged in currently, and that’s saying something.
  9. Can a true atheist be moral?

    And 10% of your money as tithing so the pastor can have a big house and nicest car on the block.
  10. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    That’s a steep price to move up. So glad we have our QB in place for the foreseeable future. Jets: #metoo
  11. Can a true atheist be moral?

    One can argue that atheists are the most moral people within society. The concept of right and wrong isn’t beholden to an omnipotent sky deity. Liberation from religious constructs I mean, if this topic wasn’t a condescending sea lion, I suppose it wouldn’t have been considered such a blatantly dumb and somewhat offensive topic by quite a few posters here already. Can a true Christian be compassionate? Can a true anything live up to anyone’s standards of what a rad human should be? It’s kind of a bogus and condescending way to address people that are not of your belief system. Plus I’ve read OP’s other posts in TB, he doesn’t get to judge anyone’s morals, especially when it sounds like he doesn’t understand the basic concept of morality.
  12. Can a true atheist be moral?

    Lol this topic is so stupid.
  13. Incoming distorted picture post???