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  1. Zin: fug you soy boys Also Zin: *sees a black man, fears for his life, experiences a fear boner, deep confusion turns to outward projected self-hatred, masks it with a series of ill-placed and unfortunate ellipses*
  2. Reminder: this guy is entrusted with enforcing the law equally amongst the public.
  3. I’m beginning to think Dr. Zin isn’t a real doctor after all.
  4. It’s pretty tight. Filipinos don’t have a big diaspora outside Southern California and New Orleans, so it’s def not a common slur.
  5. There’s tons, just some aren’t used as prevalent among their individual cultures. Asians have taken back Fresh off the Boat (FoB) amongst themselves and with a great show out there. To reference the show is OK, but to call someone a FoB is not OK, unless your part of that culture. When you use it, you’re either a racist and/or a poser. My wife can call people a paisa but I, not being of Latino decent, will never refer to someone as that. When you use it, you’re either a racist and/or a poser. My username is in reference to being called a damned flip so many times, I’ve decided to take that and use it as my own, but that wouldn’t make it right for anyone else to call me a flip. When you use it, you’re either a racist and/or a poser. Context is everything, ecat. Don’t be obtuse. The “rules” behind what words to say or not say aren’t complicated. As evidenced by the examples above, the rules are applied differently, but they’re all common sense decency and respect to know when to not be a dumbass, poser. I don’t think you’re a full blown racist. You have ideologies with highly racist tendencies, and that alone makes it questionable though. I do believe you are a poser though, through and through.
  6. jayflip

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Chalk it ,...up as another win for ...,America and a win for freedom!.! Lol
  7. @Jeremy Igo can you make a filter that makes “Samuels” say “Samuel”
  8. jayflip


    Please start. For the love of your god, please start. Bring @PhillyB down where he belongs. Did you know he hates freedom?
  9. He won’t. He’s the epitome of health, the healthiest health. You won’t find anyone healthier than him.
  10. jayflip


    Drop acid once, ditch the nose candy, get some great perspective from said acid, then find employment at a place you’ll feel appreciated and stuff. Also, no more Alex Jones!
  11. All these unhinged tweets today gotta mean something’s happening, right? also, stirs stop playing stupid. Well, you know what I mean. Stop playing stupider.
  12. jayflip

    If A White Person

    It’s ok to be goliath