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  1. I'm done

    @Saha drinks wine coolers
  2. Tbh @Toolbox literally defending child molestation and serial statutory rape is so white culture. His posts are tired and garbage, but it rings true to the meaning of this thread.
  3. Funchess is turning into a STUD
  4. 7-3 pie bitches

    Poo this pie!

    I need the
  6. I’m just here for the smoking Jay Cutler pics
  7. But I’m sure there are some fine people in that group. And I’m equally sure that they had a permit though.
  8. Democrats

    Well that’s the creepiest thing I’ve read from that dude. Props for finding that!
  9. Democrats

    OP’s Remember the Titans VHS broke
  10. just a reminder

    Heels of the world are lapping it up too
  11. Rivera

    I do realize that. It’s why I respect that the Broncos made a very hard decision to replace a successful coach with one who got them a Lombardi.
  12. Rivera

    See John Fox on the Broncos. I truly believe Rivera to be a great guy and mediocre coach. Mich like Foxy, who was able to do great things with the Broncos, but the FO knew he couldn’t get them over the hump to win it all. Guess how that story ended. Not saying I want RR gone per say, but I can understand the sentiment without getting all Hubby about it.