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  1. What Saints Fans Are Saying ...

    SaintJ met an unfortunate end in South Charlotte
  2. Sterling Moore and Marshon Lattimore

    I hope we don't counter their blitzes by sending all options deep to the same general area.
  3. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    ^^^ This guy makes me miss Crushtard
  4. Sterling Moore and Marshon Lattimore

    This has been a very frustrating truth for n Carolina during his tenure here.
  5. What Saints Fans Are Saying ...

    If Saints Report had a similar thread, they could see our main threads by PU, Hallin'AllDaeDae....
  6. Petition to "Heal" The T box

    It's essentially ... thread death .... ,, in the TB ... ,,,,,,, ....
  7. Petition to "Heal" The T box

    lol I saw the same thing and kindly backed out of TB. Way too much stupid to get into so early in the day.
  8. Next Man(hertz) up

    im excited to see what Shula comes up with to negate the loss of Olsen.
  9. Next Man(hertz) up

    Sanjay, you really should get that checked out by a doctor
  10. I like you fryfan. I'm sure you figured it out already, but having a discussion with Twylyght is a fruitless endeavor. That dude is a dolt, through and through.
  11. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    All you have to do is have a conversation with them.
  12. Hate Week. Again.

    In the past our weakness on D vs Breesus was our shitty soft zone. I've noticed Wilks is more willing to change it up thus far, hopefully based on opponent. If so, I'm hoping this will be a time to dominate.
  13. Do you trust Igo?

    I've seen his hep bathroom. Do not trust.