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  1. Top of my mind is Koetter and Smith. They were OC & DC for one year together in Jax, then Smith brought Koetter over to the Falcons as his OC a few years later, and (for) now, Koetter brought Smith to the Bucs as his DC. That kinda made my head spin typing that out.
  2. Why Conservatives Suck

  3. No More Sexual Harrasment Claims Against Trump.

    Hey ras, Dr. Quest is a step above Heel on the barely functional retard scale. It’s best not to engage in communication with him, as he’s a literal and figurative potato.
  4. Remember that Milo guy?

    That image should go in the white culture thread
  5. Have you seen her pointy elbows?
  6. Please do yourself a favor and find the thread where he stated he’d suck a cop’s dick no problem. Comply or die, or something like that.
  7. Reason we will WIN Sunday

    We will win because Cam and Luke will feast. The Saints* should win, but we’re gonna pull it off.
  8. Ambush style shooting in Colorado

    Or dismiss it in an incoherent broken sentence... rife with ... improperly used ellipses and ending in a ...lol
  9. Ambush style shooting in Colorado

    Hey man, he’s a doctor. I think he would know.
  10. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Where’s that little conservative kid that writes Mario porn fanfic?