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  1. The Next Legends

    Thanks. I hate click bait. I think it's a pretty big stretch to put Carr and Bortles on a Legendary list though. Luck, Wilson and Cam for sure though.
  2. Elliot Harrison's Top 5 Panthers of all time

    5. Gross 4. Luke 3. Peppers 2. Cam 1. Keyarris Garett
  3. *Moving to San Diego (Solana Beach)

    Still South Bay, North County and East Wastelands.
  4. Trump for World Peace!

    I like that they're wearing matching track suits. It's cute.
  5. Nah, you can like it. You just can't make eye contact.
  6. The demise of Trump

    This is literally the real life jumping the shark in American politics.
  7. For all of our Moms

    Nov 25th 2005. Talk about a rough Thanksgiving. Aneurysm out of the blue. I'm not sad though. She was a bad ass and I'm thankful I had her as a mother. It's also my fiancé's first Mother's Day as a mom so it's a great day again. Gonna buy some roses for her, for mom and for Lola (Filipino Grandma). Happy Mother's Day to the few and proud Huddle Moms on this board.
  8. Some jabroni on Reddit found a gem at a yardsale

    No need to bring penis jokes into the fray!!!
  9. The only time I was physically in Iowa: I was in Omaha boating down the Miz River and I really wanted to shotgun a beer in Iowa. I had my cousin's husband pull the boat up a bank on the Iowan side of that dirty ass river. I grabbed a can of High Life and jumped off the side of the boat and onto Iowa. The weird mud and soot there didn't take a liking to the contour of my left foot and I heard a snap, crackle and pop. The first time I stepped foot into Iowa I broke it. I shot gunned my beer and climbed back into the boat. fug Iowa. Anti-Pixxers and Iowa deserve each other.
  10. I wish he would make an appearance and grace us with His word.
  11. Islands are pretty bad ass though. They don't deserve their own island. Maybe they can be shipped off to Kansas.
  12. I love CFA! And the pickle MAKES it fuging great. My coworker, who moved to San Diego from Fayateville, NC to escape homophobia, loves CFA too. She's super gay. We go there all the time for lunch. In summary, I'm accepting of all things and all people, unless you're not a pickle person. Then you can fug off.
  13. Woman shames man for using Food Stamps...

    It's sad that her dumb ass is so vocal about this in front of her child. That poor kid is going to be raised with ignorant, ill-tempered good ol' Christian morals and beliefs.
  14. Greg Olsen in Inside Amy Schumer skit

    That 12 Angry Men skit was one of the better things I've ever seen on a skit show.
  15. It's almost time again! So stoked...

    Do churros count? I'll see myself out.