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  1. Crowd is gonna be huge majority Broncos fans

    At most super bowls, half the crowd is there because of the teamscinvolved.  The other half are there because it's the Super Bowl.
  2. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    I'm going.  I found some good tickets on Craigslist.  He has a few more if  anyone is interested. Bill
  3. Super Bowl Roll Call

    The bus came by and I got on. That's when it all began. ;)
  4. One SB50 Ticket Needed

    Latest you want to buy a ticket is Friday.  Prices start to climb from there until after kick off. There are a few good websites that show previous ticket prices.   Last year, the avg price was a record high.  This year, the low prices paid will be a record high because of the fewer number of 400 level (cheap) seats. 300 and 200 level seats will be a better deal (compared to previous years).
  5. One SB50 Ticket Needed

    I'm looking for a single seat as well.  Singles are still in the $2800-$3100 range.  Pairs have sold for $5000.  Anybody interested in splitting a pair with me? Bill  
  6. Super Bowl Roll Call

    I'll be there.  Plane, car & room set.  I just need to find the right (priced) ticket. Bill

    Second FedEx delivery came today.  Parking and sideline access. Thank you Father.    

  9. Turkey Day Massacre in Dallas

    Any suggestions on hotels and for Wednesday night entertainment?

    I'll see you there, just a few sections over.  I'm bringing my son. We are planing to visit the Roaring Riots tailgate.  It's along walk from our parking lot on the other side of the stadium, but should be worth it.      
  11. Thank you.  Dad's 83 so we bring the tailgate to him.  Until Parkinson's hit him hard, he was the kind a fan you wanted front and center - stand and shout for our defense, quiet until the play is over when the offense is on the field.  If you asked him to sit down, he would politely explain why you should stand up.   It kills him to sit in a box now.
  12. I was hesitant to post here, but I thought having a Panther fan get these seats was worth the abuse I knew I'd get.  My father has 4 seats on this row and gives away two to friends every game, including this one, for the last 20 years.  He listed them on ticketmonster this morning.
  13. What is the real cost if you add the time value of a $20,000 PSL into the ticket price? They're also priced $200 less than any pair of lower level tickets between the 20's on the NFL exchange. These are special seats and I thought I'd give you guys first shot at them.  
  14. My father is about to list two of his tickets for the Packers game on Ticketmaster.  I asked him to hold off for a few hours.  Section 131, row 18.  These are seats 3 & 4 in from the aisle (the 50 yrd line).  Team doctor owns the seats behind, Richardson owns the ones in front. Asking $900 for the pair. Thanks, Bill Yates PS  I'd be sitting here if I were in town.