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  1. He's 32 so wouldn't help with the youth movement and has only played in 12 games each of the past 4 years. However, with Pep only being rotational I think this would be a huge boost if they could sub in and out for each other.
  2. Would be fine with him, Hurst, or Gesicki in the second round. But at the same time, I'd assume one of them would have to fall to us in the third and would much prefer to wait until then.
  3. So was this thread started to talk about potentially signing a safety or for you to try and bully everyone that disagrees with your opinion?
  4. A free agent corner looking for work. An all pro LG that likes what he sees. Oh and not to mention he played on a division rival last year so the intel couldn’t hurt. Am I missing something or is this a no brainer?
  5. Won’t respond exactly how you wanted but my response would be... im trading down if...I’m guaranteed 2 starters as a result of the trade
  6. Ebron has our offer

    If we were that restricted they wouldn't even show up... agents are smart enough these days to not waste players times. If someone is here for a visit it's because they want to be here and we are interested in signing them.
  7. 14 minutes of fun for anyone bored!
  8. So if Buffalo is Carolina North and Carolina is Minnesota South... does that make Buffalo Minnesota East?
  9. Predict this weeks moves

    Who has a change of heart and ultimately ends up retiring for the third time 2 days before the season begins
  10. Best career and HOF - Peppers Player that carolina fans will remember most positively - Davis
  11. A lot of good cornerbacks in this draft. Wouldn’t mind taking one in the first regardless of what happens between then and now
  12. What is wrong with these damn redskin players! Grant and Breeland both failed physicals for their new teams??? Their med staff must have graduated from Trump University.
  13. FA Signings

    The more you think about it the more you realize it is amazing that the USA makes up less than 5% of the world's population but creates 99% of NFL free agents
  14. Just headed to the stall to do some investigative journalism.... i now have two poop fingers for the rest of my workday
  15. In the same way that Norwell was a luxury with Turner. You usually can't tie up too much money in one position and Kyle Love was more than serviceable.
  16. One of those years really sticks out and just happens to correlate with right where Butler will be going into the upcoming season.
  17. Will I be chastised if I'm the one to say that is too much money for a luxury position for us?
  18. I believe he is referencing the 'keep pounding' usage in the tweet which is a blatant shot at the Panthers motto.