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  1. Banned, drawn, and quartered.
  2. 2016 Schedule Notes

    ^ Fwiw at this point, neither scare me AT ALL in overtaking us for HFA.  There are many months to dissect everything in more detail, but in Seattle's case they only have 25 players whose contracts just ended.  They will not only lose a ton but there is no logical way their interior lines will be anything less than a sieve without DRASTICALLY affecting another part of their team.   It would not shock me if the Rams (who went 3-1 against the Hawks and Cards) win that division in their return to LA. It's also worth noting that they have to play the AFC East, NFC South, (and in Seattle's case another trip to Lambeau to boot) meaning a lot of east coast, early start trips for those guys.
  3. 2016 Schedule Notes

    No worries mate.  We have a winning record all time on the west coast (i.e. a better record there than we do as a franchise as a whole!).  We started in the NFC West.  We had big years in 2008 and 2013 playing west foes.  And playing San Fran and San Diego at home can have the inverse effect for them-on paper providing the closest thing to a bye week as an opponent can 7+ months away.
  4. 2016 Schedule Notes

    Seattle in the opener would be ideal.  Would take out a mid season west coast trip and we'd also be playing them without Jimmy Graham, who likely won't be available until mid-season. Denver early is also ideal, there'd be no freezing cold games this year. I like prime time games but don't always love.  I don't want Arizona in prime time.  I want every west coast team at 1 pm est to turn the screws on every advantage, perceived or not. If we do get Tampa on Thursday it needs to be at home.  After going there in 2013. I don't like finishing the season on the road.  F U Belk Bowl.  Ever since 2005 when we had to play @ATL, @NYG, @CHI before being exhausted @SEA I've noticed the advantage of finishing and staying at home.
  5. Matt Kalil to be cut?

    We signed Jonathan Martin for goodness sake.  Zero reason not to bring in Matt for cheap if possible.
  6. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    No.  Diva reputation and would rather spend money elsewhere.
  7. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Did Michael Oher have good film from the critics before we brought him in to protect our franchise?
  8. Not me.  Quite the opposite.  Cecil mentioned hater "fuel" as quite helpful in the journey.  And it will be on F
  9. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    Unleash The Kraken
  10. The ONLY thing that would make me think twice about releasing him is that he is from Georgia obviously and could play for those aholes and haunt us-the reason we overpaid in the first place.  If he was from Los Gatos, CA like JA I would move on.
  11. We still have the greatest 26 year old in the history of team sports.  The league has never seen anything like him.  As Cecil said "just scratching the surface"
  12. I said Revis garnered the #13 overall pick but what I forgot was that it also included a 4th/conditional 3rd AND an absurd 6 years $96 million.  According to the trade value chart, that'd be about equivalent to the #8 overall pick.  Who has the #8 overall pick?  The Dolphins, a team typically eager to make a big splash.  Their biggest need, by FAR?  Corner.  It would take some pretty good massaging of their cap by my estimation but it's good to be informed and I can't say I wouldn't at least make a call if I'm GMan.
  13. We need a DE... so whom?

    If things get ugly with JNo (hope not), in the unwanted sign and trade scenario (Raiders as always), I'd take nothing less than a 1st and parlay that with ours to get into the top 5 to get Joey Bosa.  Then sign Trumaine Johnson and Prince Amukamara in FA at CB. Revis garnered #13 overall in 2013.  JNo would surely garner #14 overall (Raiders) in such a scenario.
  14. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Vick did prison time, Hardy's charges were dropped.  Vick eventually signed with the Rooney's, JR's model.
  15. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    So where is he going?  Even IF he only repeats his 6 sack season of this year that's a steal on a bargain basement deal.  There is no situation in the league even remotely close to being as mutually beneficial as us and the Kraken.  He's too good not to play, and as we know he has MORE than paid his debt.  One year ago many wanted us or Hardy to sue the league over the injustice.