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  1. Better than powerball.  Stan Kroenke is worth $8 billion and owns the only team in the nation's 2nd largest market and controls the stadium and 2nd team if they move.  But he mentioned Cam in his press conference. Can't place a value.  $$$
  2. Tick tock tick tock tick tock Longest week of my life
  3. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Complete, total, utter bullshit.  From personal experience Cam is not staged, what you see is what you get.  And I would not bother him this week of all weeks.  For the love of Pete.  Mid-March?  Sure.  This is hump day before the MF'n Golden Super Bowl!!!!
  4. It was all worth it though!  All those division titles and all.
  5. Not bad, especially for those with no clue, but we DID take a tackle last year.  Daryl "bad intentions" Williams.
  6. But they do have a young QB on a bargain contract and a ton of cap room so all is well.
  7. The "Golden" Super Bowl is clad in Black and BLUE
  8. The Revenge of the Lousy Organization

    George Washington called Charlotte a trifling place.  FUG U George.
  9. Compensatory pick?

    Would rather have Hardy himself.  Bring back Kraken, 2016
  10. Peyton Manning Knows...

    I love Peyton.  Really, I do.  But he's standing on the tracks and the train's coming through.
  11. The waaaaaaay too early Super Bowl 51 odds

    8 months is a long time to talk about/dissect that, but very quickly... the Hawks are now our bitch and we STILL owe them.  Unless they pull a miracle out of their ass their lines may be even worse next year.  They also likely lose Panther killers Irvin and Kearse. Rams and Broncos will have WHO at QB? Raiders will be on year 14 without a winning record.
  12. If he didn't fumble against the Seahawks in 2013 we are the #1 seed and very well may be playing for ring #2 this week.
  13. Marc James at it again

    Every team has injuries.  ESPN had an injury impact list at the quarter and halfway mark of the year and those guys were dead LAST in games missed/players out/impact injures, yet they still limped out of the gate.  They were swept by Case Keenum and Nick Foles because the Rams physically whipped their ass.  They beat up on a whose who of doodoo at QB and were torched by Big Ben. They may just be the 2nd best team in football, but they regressed and were a 6 seed for a reason. Before the playoff game, they insisted injuries were no excuse, Lynch, Wagner, Clark, Hill, Willson, Okung, et al were back and ready to kick ass.  Also that they were better off without Graham. Again, they hit the lottery in the 2010-2012 drafts.  They have failed miserably on countless transactions since.  Heck their #1 FA in Cary Williams wasn't even on the team.   They REGRESSED and will not get it all back in one offseason, IMO ever. GMan, of course, is now nailing EVERY transaction.