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  1. ctrcat added a post in a topic A Saints fan's "Scouting Report" re: Panthers   

    Disagree.  Cam will be healthy and our line will be better.  Their front 7 is an absolute joke.  Rookie reach Stephone Anthony "will" help their D?  Just like SJB and Khairi Fortt "will" help their D?
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  2. ctrcat added a post in a topic Around the NFL   

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  3. ctrcat added a post in a topic Seahawks offer Wilson $21M/year but Wilson wants more   

    Talks off.  NO deal for now per Seattle insiders.
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  4. ctrcat added a post in a topic Around the NFL   

    NO deal for Russ in the Emerald City per Seattle insiders.
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  5. ctrcat added a post in a topic Martin doesn't sign retirement papers by 4 pm   

    You mess with the Gettfather you wake up with dead horse heads in your bed.  Period.  Will make your tift with Richie look like Sesame Street.
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  6. ctrcat added a post in a topic RR/Getty PC today   

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  7. ctrcat added a post in a topic Kam Chancellor holdout?   

    One more thing, and reason to love GMan and this franchise.  Marshawn held out last year and they gave in to him.  The precedent was set and go figure-now the other whiny kids think it will work for them.  Love it.
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  8. ctrcat added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Kam Chancellor holdout?
    For those keeping track at home-
    worse playcall in football history
    trade the heart of OL for a guy teammates have called soft
    lose out on every desired FA including Hardy and Wisniewski 
    no first round pick
    Sherman and Thomas hurt, Thomas likely not ready by week 1
    Bennett openly disgruntled, wants more $$$
    Irvin option not picked up, openly wants out after this year
    Okung using himself as agent, gone after this year
    drafted felon with top pick who was off most boards
    trade draft capital equal to #27 overall pick for Tyler Lockett in the 3rd
    Wagner unsigned and not happy
    Wilson unsigned and wanting the moon
    Chancellor holdout?
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  9. ctrcat added a post in a topic Coach Rivera's brother passes away from cancer   

    I'm shocked, saddened, and nearly speechless.  I met him before the Cardinals playoff game.  He introduced himself to me and we talked for approximately 15 minutes about football and Charlotte among other things and I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, could not say enough about what a great man he appeared to be.  Honest, polite, humble, you name it.  Definitely from a solid military family, all of them.  Unreal.  Unfreakinreal.  RIP.  God Bless the Rivera family.
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  10. ctrcat added a post in a topic Barnwell on the sinking Saints   

    I'll never forget those drunk Cajun redneck fools in BOA in 2010 rubbing it in our faces after Jimmy Clausen and Tony Pike combined for less than 100 yards.  Little did they know they were literally setting up a full generation worth of return @$$ beatings by helping give us the #1 pick and Cameron Jerrell Newton.  Thanks Saints.  Enjoy the circle down the toilet bowl.
    PS-Loomis is a fugging idiot
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  11. ctrcat added a post in a topic Let's remember the SuperBowl where Seattle loses   

    True but we got the most votes in this online poll as their biggest threat.  They know.  http://seahawks.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=105491&p=1542184&hilit=Future+poll#p1542184
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  12. ctrcat added a post in a topic Let's remember the SuperBowl where Seattle loses   

    Biggest rival?  Helllll naw.  Temporary roadblock.  In 2012 we were insanely flat because we DID lose to our biggest rival in the GTFO our field game the week before.  At the time we couldn't care less about those guys and truth be told who knew their team of 5th rounders, ped users, failure of a coach, and 3rd round QB would be anything.  Falcons, Saints, Bucs, in that order.  Redskins and Cowboys definitely have a more special place in hell and most would say 49ers too when considering our history with those guys.  They've ascended quickly up the ranks and may have overtaken the Bears of the world, but if they return to mediocrity I think most would prefer they beat the Patriots, Steelers, or hell, even Jaguars, if it didn't effect us.
    Edit:  they waxed us in 2005 but so did the Cardinals did in 2008.
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  13. ctrcat added a post in a topic Seahawks offer Wilson $21M/year but Wilson wants more   

    As I said many times, in 2012 Cam threw the would be game winner in the dirt after THE most maddening game in franchise history, the Nakamura game.  In 2013 if DeAngelo doesn't fumble we're the #1 seed, the playoff dynamics are completely different, and maybe we win the Lombardi.  In 2014 we fought the good fight after a Hollywood script left us with one arm behind our back, and still had a punchers chance.  Best case for them, even if they keep all their megastars (Lynch most likely to go first), they cannot keep the Kearse's, Irvin's, Okung's, Mebane's, Hauschka's, Baldwin's, McDaniel's, et al.  Those guys have truly been the difference and their poor drafts have left them little in supply.  Patience grasshopper.  Only a matter of time.
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  14. ctrcat added a post in a topic Panthers vs Seahawks   

    People said Michael Jordan couldn't make mistakes and/or wouldn't win a ring either for 7 years before he won his first.  Cam is growing and less face it, to win THAT game against a more talented team at their place, chances had to be taken.
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  15. ctrcat added a post in a topic Panthers vs Seahawks   

    8/8 on 3rd down ain't gonna happen every game.  Take Max out at center for a bum, add a healthy Star and Shaq, and that ain't happening, even with Jimmy.
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